Is Rudy Giuliani today’s Winston Churchill?

By Jesse Lee Peterson

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” – Winston Churchill

Rudy Giuliani – aka “America’s Mayor” – is getting crucified in the media for stating the obvious about Barack Hussein Obama: 1) He doesn’t love America, and 2) He was raised with socialist and communist roots.

The media and the White House are going nuts, and Republican operatives are running for cover. It’s so predictable.

There’s no disputing that Barack Obama’s mother and grandfather were socialist and communist sympathizers. His biological father and stepfather were both Muslims. Communist Frank Marshall Davis mentored Obama. And Obama studied and taught “Rules for Radicals” author Saul Alinksy’s tactics in Chicago as a “community organizer.”

We also know the media covered up for Obama – they had to, or he would never have been elected.

So the New York Daily News and its recent cover story (“Shocking New Rudy Spin: Obama Grew Up a Communist”) is a damnable lie. Just what exactly is Rudy’s “spin”? In an effort to destroy the messenger, this contemptible “news outlet” also published an article attacking Giuliani’s personal life.

But that’s just how the “mainstream” media roll.

By contrast, my friend, Sean Hannity, was the first in the national media to report Obama’s close ties with radicals. He exposed Obama’s 20-year relationship with Rev. Jeremiah (“God D–n America”) Wright Jr., as well as his friendship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Yet the GOP establishment, led by John McCain and later Mitt Romney, refused to talk about Obama’s dirty associations.

Now the liberal media and GOP elite have no choice but to attack Rudy Giuliani – or admit that they knew what Giuliani has proclaimed – and didn’t bother to tell the public.

It appears the GOP presidential candidates won’t support Rudy, with the exception of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who reportedly called to encourage him. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has chosen to neither publicly approve nor condemn the statement. Sen. Marco Rubio has taken it further and said he believes Obama is a “patriot.” Mr. Rubio, please give us examples of Obama’s patriotism!

Why is all this so important now?

It’s important because Obama is going after Christians with a vengeance and protecting radical Muslims while they wantonly slaughter Christians. At the National Prayer Breakfast and the summit on “Countering Violent Extremism,” Obama chided Christians but refused to acknowledge terrorist acts by Islamists.

We must expose Obama now. It’s not just that he doesn’t love America. In reality, he doesn’t love anybody. He hates whites because he sees them as recipients of white privilege, living off what they took from others (i.e.: slavery and colonialism). He wants wealth redistributed on a global scale – from the haves (whites) to the have-nots (people of color).

His Muslim upbringing and close ties to Jeremiah Wright have influenced his views on Jews. He sees Israel as an occupying force and sides with Palestinians.

Obama also hates blacks. Want proof? He tolerates black-on-black murders in alarming numbers with zero effort to address the root cause of the violence (broken families and anger). He personally works to destroy their character – by killing opportunities for jobs and demoralizing their work ethic – and then offers them handouts, in a final attempt to destroy their character. The devil would do the exact same thing.

He even hates non-radical Muslims! Proof of this is Obama’s passive enabling of ISIS to continue its spread, killing Christians and Muslims. Muslim moderates like Jordan’s King Abdullah and Egypt’s President El Sisi are taking strong action against ISIS – while getting a cold shoulder from Obama.

What is going on here?

What motivates Obama isn’t love at all. It’s hate. And it’s concentrated most strongly against God and His people – observant Christians and Jews, and those who don’t subscribe to his radical ideology.

It is imperative that our elected officials tell the truth about this evil man. For the safety of our nation, Obama needs to be removed from office. “We cannot wait” – to borrow one of his lines.

But our elected officials don’t have the courage to stop him. They’re more interested in putting another establishment politician in the White House. So it’s incumbent upon “We the People” to build a groundswell now, and let the momentum build to avalanche proportions, until it forces politicians to do the right thing.

We need a Sir Winston Churchill. Yes, that same white man whose memory Obama hated enough to have his bust removed from the White House.

Churchill argued in the British Parliament that Hitler was a menace to Europe and that he had to be stopped. Churchill was able to persuade his countrymen to listen, and they chose him as their leader to fight Hitler – but not before almost losing their country to the Nazis.

Where’s America’s Winston Churchill? There is one American political figure acting like Churchill right now, and his name is Rudy Giuliani. We need “active duty” elected officials to pick up the gauntlet. We need it to happen very, very soon, or it will be too late for America.

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