Measles reveal why Obama makes a bad ‘king’

By Kathy Shaidle

KingObamaMichael Savage

“Let’s all cheer for the King of Jordan.”

Michael Savage praised Jordan’s monarch for his decisive military strike against ISIS after the brutal execution of one of his pilots.

“At least they have a king who protects them,” Savage said. “We have Obama, who thinks he’s a king but doesn’t protect us. … We have the fighting men, but not the leadership” (Free audio).

Turning his attention back to the home front, Savage declared, “Obama has been out to destroy the middle class from the day he entered Columbia University.”

He’s accomplished this, in part, by allowing “30 million illiterate peasants” to cross the southern border.

“They’re bringing in transgendered people, too, as it they’re the most desirable immigrants,” Savage continued. “We give them hormone treatment in detention centers while starving the elderly of medical care.

“If this isn’t Mao’s Cultural Revolution, what is?” (Free audio).

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh echoed Savage’s take on the source of the measles outbreak: “If it weren’t for the Democrat Party and its beliefs about immigration, we wouldn’t have an outbreak of measles in the United States of America. It’s that simple. That’s why it’s not mentioned. … The whole point of this is to embarrass, intimidate the Republican Party and get them scared and frightened and do anything to avoid being called mean-spirited or extremist or anti-whatever on this vaccination policy” (Free audio).

Furthermore, Limbaugh noted gleefully, when the New York Times tried to spin the “anti-vaccination” movement as “right wing,” the paper was forced to issue a retraction – “one of the biggest corrections I have ever seen.”

“But that’s why the vaccine story and the measles are not on the news,” Limbaugh added. “‘Cause they were making it up yesterday.”

Aaron Klein

Investigative journalist Klein isn’t afraid to go where other reporters won’t venture, and this week was no exception: He got inside the headquarters of the former Obama campaign staffers who are now working in Israel to defeat Netanyahu. What he saw and heard is an exclusive scoop!

Klein is also staying on top of the Benghazi hearings when most of the media is trying to ignore them. Find out what the media doesn’t want you to know. He also reveals New York Mayor De Blasio’s ties to dangerous radicals (Premium audio)
and more!

Mark Levin

“It’s time for us to slaughter the Islam-Nazi cockroaches.”

Levin was unequivocal about the need to eliminate the threat of Muslim terrorism, but noted that at the same time, Obama seems determined to destroy the only nation that is capable of doing so (Free audio).

Levin also had harsh words for some of his fellow conservatives, who he says, “like centralized government, even while they preach otherwise.”

Jeb Bush in particular, he said, is “trying to figure out how to get around the conservative base” in order to secure the GOP nomination in 2016. Bush is “positioning himself as the anti-conservative,” except when it’s politically expedient for him to do otherwise (Free audio).

Laura Ingraham

One of the most talked about Super Bowl ads promoted Procter & Gamble’s “#LikeAGirl” campaign against “negative stereotypes.”

“It’s such a non-issue,” said Ingraham the day after the big game.

“First of all, boys are the ones who need more help in school these days. Boys are the ones who are falling behind girls. Boys are the ones who are seeing their sports programs cut because of Title IX because we have to have everything balanced. Boys are the ones who need additional help today” (Free audio).

Ingraham’s guests this week included Bush family expert David Frum, Donald Trump and Rand Paul (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

After ISIS burned a captured Jordanian pilot alive, Beck changed his policy against broadcasting such images.

In a statement, Beck explained: “After looking at the images again, I believe it is important for the world to see them. We have been lured into a poppy field where we have fallen fast asleep as grave danger quickly approaches. It is time to wake up. This is the enemy of all mankind.”

On Wednesday, Beck talked about what he’d learned about God by reading the Torah.

“The key here, for me, is the name of God,” Beck said. “The name of God in Hebrew is different, and it changes throughout the story of creation. The first time you see the word – ‘In the beginning’ – that word God there actually means ‘justice.’

“What it’s saying to you is that every single thing that God created, everything, is geared towards justice,” Beck continued. “So that’s why we all know it to be true, the good guys win in the end. It may not happen the way you hoped. It may not happen in your lifetime. But the good guys win in the end. Why? Because the structure, from the seas to the stars, it’s made for justice. It always bends back” (Free audio).

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