President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

For all those who may have wondered if President Barack Obama is the Antichrist mentioned in the Bible, a U.S. newspaper is now clarifying the issue.

The Lexington Dispatch in North Carolina has reportedly printed a correction to a reader’s letter.

The correction reads:

“Boyd Thomas’ letter Saturday contained an error in the headline. He does not believe President Obama is the Antichrist, who will come after seven kings, according to Revelation. He thinks Obama could be the seventh king.”


The correction references Thomas’ letter to the editor published on February 6.

The Dispatch’s original title for the letter was “Is Obama the Antichrist?”

But the online headline has now been amended to ask, “Is Obama the seventh king?”

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Thomas’ letter actually includes a mention of the word “Antichrist,” as he wrote:

“Who and what is Barack Obama? Obama claims nobody can stop him or change anything he’s done. This evil must come to pass before the Lord’s return and the rise of the Antichrist, but you better know what evil you’re dealing with. Nobody is promised another minute of life upon this earth, and judgment comes at the time of your death.

“Many support and stand behind Obama no matter what he does. All these people will stand with Obama in judgment also. Christ promises to spew every lukewarm soul out of his mouth. This means very few will enter heaven, because they show no faith by fighting against the sins of this world daily.”

On Friday, the Houston Chronicle called the Dispatch’s correction “one of the nuttiest corrections of the year thus far.”

The correction is getting plenty of reaction online, including:

  • “Well, we darn sure dodged a bullet there.”
  • “Part of my brain may have exploded by reading that correction.”
  • “Well, I guess we can call off the Secret Service detail.”

Ironically, the night Obama was first elected president in November 2008, the three-digit winning lottery number in Illinois, the state in which Obama resided at the time he was running, was 666, a figure which the Book of Revelation in the New Testament calls the “number of the beast.”

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