Obama scorched for ‘U.S. medical genocide’

By Bob Unruh

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The current measles outbreaks sweeping the country are the fault, at least partly, of Barack Obama’s lax immigration practices, according to several leading experts and commentators, starting with former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon and possible 2016 GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson.

It was in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper that he said the reports of measles outbreaks in California, such as at a daycare center closed indefinitely after an infant was diagnosed, are a “good example of what happens.”

He noted measles is a disease that previously was under control in the U.S., and the Centers for Disease Control reported in 2011 that “endemic or sustained measles transmission has not occurred in the United States since the late 1990s, despite continued importations.”

But Carson implicated Obama when he said, “We have to account for the fact that we now have people coming into the country, sometimes undocumented people, who perhaps have diseases that we had under control.”

He continued: “So now we need to be doubly vigilant about making sure that we immunize our people to keep them from getting diseases that once were under control.”

Michael Savage, the highly rated talk-show host, was a little more blunt, calling what Obama has done “medical genocide.”

Savage, who holds a master’s degree in medical botany and another in medical anthropology with a Ph.D. in epidemiology, told WND, “Measles, the killer flu strain, the resurgence of TB have all followed Obama’s reckless policy of bringing in unscreened, unvaccinated masses from south of the border.”

Savage said anyone with a “basic knowledge of medicine or epidemiology knows this.”

“Obama has committed a sort of medical genocide, as I’ve stated before. He and his stooges at the once reputable CDC and [National Institutes of Health] should be tried for negligence and crimes against humanity for reversing the basic rules of protecting the public from diseases,” he said.

“Only with the Red Guards in the media/academic establishment do they get away with this big lie and big crime.”

A BizPacReview report on Carson’s interview with CNN’s Tapper also noted that Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., had raised the issue just this week.

“I don’t think there is any health care professional who has examined the facts who could honestly say that Americans have not died because the disease is brought into America by illegal aliens who are not properly health-care screened as lawful immigrants are,” he said.

Carson said it might be “the enterovirus that has a heavy presence in Central and South American that has caused deaths of American children over the past six to nine months.”

The White House, contacted by WND by phone, declined to listen to a question regarding the issue, instructing WND to submit the question by email, which was done. There was no response.

Talk radio’s Rush Limbaugh addressed the concern only a day ago:

“We’re talking about vaccinations for a conquered disease, measles. We haven’t had measles in this country in ages. Why do we have it now? And this is the one thing that’s not being talked about in any of this, and that is Obama and his illegal immigration and the flood of measles-infected kids from Central and South America who, by the way, have not been vaccinated and are not subject to mandatory vaccination because they’re not citizens and so forth.”

Limbaugh said America is “watching it play out exactly as the phony contraception debate did, and then here came the ‘War on Women.'”

“What’s this gonna be, the ‘War on Kids’? What’s being set up here, there are some Republican parents who don’t want to have to vaccinate their kids. They don’t want the government to have that kind of power. So Republicans are once again being set up as anti-government, anti-health, all this stuff. There’s another reason why this is happening, folks, and that’s to cover up Mrs. Clinton. ”

Medical experts reporting on the issue of vaccines said since 2005 there have been no deaths in the U.S. from measles, but there have been 86 deaths from the mumps-measles-rubella vaccinations – 68 of them children under the age of 3.

The question was addressed a few days ago in the Washington Post, which reported on how the U.S. “went from eliminating measles to a measles outbreak at Disneyland.”

The report said the U.S. determined in 2000 that measles had been eliminated.

“But the country experienced a record number of measles cases last year, while an outbreak this month that began at Disneyland has been linked to dozens of cases in California and other states.”

The report said that between 37 and 200 people reported having measles each year in the United States after 2000, down from the 3 million to 4 million infections and 400 to 500 deaths before vaccinations became routine in 1963.

Last year, just as tens of thousands of unaccompanied illegal alien children were being drawn to the U.S. border by immigration practices that assured their parents they would be given public services if they made it to the U.S., the number of cases tripled.

CDC Deputy Director Jane Seward told the Post, “The only way it can come is from other countries, usually from U.S. travelers who travel abroad and who are not protected through vaccinations, who get infected overseas and bring it back.”

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