Re: “Obama DHS: ‘Right-wing extremists’ greater threat than ISIS”

Obama is absolutely right – that is, if one believes that America needs to be chopped to the knees, removed from being a super power and relegated to Third World status with the government in control of when, where, what and how people are to exist.

Everything Obama does moves America toward that goal.

Rudy Giuliani is right. The man does not have a drop of blood in his veins that is in sympathy with the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the America most of us have inherited – things he fraudulently swore to defend. In fact, as it plainly appears, he absolutely despises America.

Take the American flag lapel pin off of Obama’s jacket, and replace it with an Islamic lapel pin, and there you have your man in his proper presentation and identification – a Judas, a fraud, a deceiver, a destroyer of America.

So, yes, people who adamantly want to keep America as it has developed since its founding could rightly be identified as right wing. But extremists? Extremists? Maybe so, but Obama and his following are the real extremists. They are destroying this country from within on a daily basis. What they have been doing since day one is to do everything they can to destroy this country from the inside. Just because they have the “microphone” as it were – the bully pulpit and the frightened and deceived and cowed media – doesn’t make whatever they say true or correct.

Part of the administration’s existence is lying, starting at the very top with the chief liar. And they are doing that here with his Department of Homeland Security, lying.

This is just my opinion, while I am still able to have an opinion under this government. That will be stopped soon enough if this administration continues as has been. Are there any media people out there who can speak up for the truth, or are they all cowed lemmings?


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