Obama’s plague

By Barbara Simpson

Watch out: Measles has arrived and we’re all going to die!

Well, not really – not everyone who gets measles will die, but death is a possibility.

Where did it come from?

Unvaccinated Americans? They’re being blamed.

A foreign visitor? That’s what the CDC says.

What about the millions of illegal aliens in this country about whom we know nothing of their medical history?

I know for a fact that measles can kill. When I was in high school, one of our classmates – a young man in the 11th grade, a terrific student, well-liked by everyone and a drum major in the band – came down with measles and died.

They didn’t close the school, nor did they quarantine anyone except his own immediate family.

When I was in the sixth grade, I remember a girl named Joyce from my homeroom. She was absent for a few days when we all found out she had measles.

A week later, I had the red spots and came down with what they called “old-fashioned measles.” I stayed in a darkened room – because we were told my eyes would be overly sensitive to light.

I missed three weeks of school, spending as much time as possible trying not to scratch those red bumps and trying not to be bored to death since I couldn’t read.

My family wasn’t quarantined; my brother did go to school. When he got mumps, he stayed home, but I went to school and there was no panic. I never got mumps, and he never got measles. So much for contagion.

We’re constantly bombarded with reports about some disease or other that’s going to ravage the population and over which we have virtually no control, for example, the flu.

Well, I’ll take that back – we are told that the only way to control such disease outbreaks is to get one of those magic shots.

Ah yes, vaccines will protect us if only we would avail ourselves of them.

Never mind that there have been many (and still are) instances when the vaccine is virtually useless – as in the current flu vaccine, which we’re told only gives minimal protection from the current form of the flu but we should get it anyway, just in case.

The benefit of the vaccines is that they have virtually eliminated what used to be called “childhood diseases.” Before vaccines, measles, mumps, whooping cough, diphtheria, chickenpox, tetanus, polio and other diseases were very common. They were just considered part of the dangers of growing up.

Parents knew that, and doctors recognized the symptoms.

After the vaccines were developed, fewer and fewer children got ill. Ultimately, we got to the point where the average doctor doesn’t know how to recognize such illnesses. The younger generation had never seen measles and the others.

It’s different now, as more and more cases of such diseases are raising their ugly faces – doctors know what to look for, and parents are running scared.

They know the illnesses can cause serious medical complications and, in many cases, death.

But they’re also running scared because of concerns about the safety of the vaccines. The move to immunize children from whatever diseases someone developed a vaccine against has resulted in parents’ concerns about the components in the shots and their side effects.

If recommendations are followed, children would get 49 doses of 14 vaccines before the age of 6. There’s even one, for hepatitis, that is supposed to be administered within 12 hours of birth!

Along with so many vaccines, there’s been the astounding increase in the number of cases of autism. We know what it is, but we don’t know why it is, where it comes from or how to prevent it.

So parents decide: Vaccinate their child and risk autism and other side effects, or avoid vaccines altogether.

Before you condemn those parents, consider that the government has a national Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System to report side effects of vaccines. On top of that, you might ask why the vaccine manufacturers are relieved of any liability for any negative side effects of their products.

Right now, we’re in the midst of an outbreak of measles – rubeola – what used to be called “old-fashioned measles” or “red measles.” It generally causes two to three weeks of misery for the patient.

We are not talking about rubella – “German measles,” also called three-day measles, which is also caused by a virus but still respiratory and is the one so perilous for pregnant women – because it can cause congenital deafness and other birth defects.

So now, virtually every radio newscast has a report of another case of measles, Nationally, more than 100 cases are reported in more than six states. California has the most.

We’re told it all started in Disneyland and that it surely originated with a foreign visitor, but that the worst of it, is because of those retro-parents who didn’t vaccinate their children. On top of that, many doctors are saying they will not accept any patients who are not vaccinated.

With all the epidemic hoopla, there is one source that’s totally ignored.

Illegal aliens.

Why is it assumed a “foreign visitor” brought it to Disneyland? Why couldn’t it have been an illegal alien, who perhaps works at Disneyland or was a visitor there?

Remember the surge of illegal “children” who crossed our border last year? Remember the reports of illnesses that spread among them? Remember the diseases that showed up in states that were the forced recipients of them?

Media and officials refuse to even mention the possibility even as reports anticipate another surge of illegals within months. These are people about whom we know nothing and have no health records. They are allowed in this country, treated with honor and moved into every state with no consideration of the illnesses they may be bringing with them – including TB, malaria, leprosy and, yes, childhood diseases.

This is allowed by politicians from Barack Obama on down, from federal and state health officials and even by churches.

Measles and other diseases are just part of the price we pay.

In my view, they’re traitorous individuals who sacrificed patriotism and citizenship for the promise of big donor money and the hope the illegals will someday vote for them.

The remaining Americans, who maintain a sense of patriotism and loyalty to the country and the Constitution, can just go to hell.

They don’t say that directly, but that’s the intent.

If you oppose this selling out of our country, you’re regarded as a crazy tea-party follower, an anti-immigrant crazy and, ultimately, a racist.

How bad does it have to get before something is done about it?

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