Open letter from Truman to Obama

By Pat Boone

Mr. President, I’m Harry Truman.

Democrat. President of the United States. Like you.

I imagine you’ve heard of me, but you weren’t much into American history when you were in high school. You said “I smoked a lot of pot. A lot.” I’m guessin’ you were just coastin’ through, partyin’, havin’ what they called a “high time.”

I read your book, “Dreams From My Father,” very interesting. Wondered why it wasn’t “Dreams of My Father” since you said you never got to know him well.

But apparently those dreams fit in well with what your stepdad taught you when you were growin’ up in Indonesia. They both taught you that America was some kind of evil colonialist oppressor, didn’t they? And you grew up a Muslim, in Indonesia, right?

You wrote about your kindly “ol uncle Frank, the poet” and how you spent so many afternoons in long discussions, during your teen years in Honolulu. You quote him quite a bit in your book – but you forgot to mention he was Frank Marshall Davis, a well-known Communist writer, publisher and pornographer, and that he was on the FBI “watch list.” He was just “uncle Frank,” the old poet.

And then, when you somehow got into Occidental College, as a “foreign student,” wasn’t it? You say in your book you “sought out foreign students, Chicanos, politically active black students … and Marxist professors.” And you continued to seek professors like them later at Columbia and Harvard. That seemed a peculiar training for a future president, don’t you think?

As you can see, Mr. President, I know more about you than you do about me.

Well, we have a few things in common. I came to the presidency in a most unexpected way, like you did. I’d just been a small time congressman from Missouri, and then, amazingly, vice president without much to do – and suddenly president when FDR died in office!

I’ll tell ya, son, I prayed a lot, because when I walked into that office I had to learn how to be president after I got the job!

Like you did.

And we were right in the middle of a war. A war against powerful nations with big armies, and leaders with no consciences, no moral guidelines, who were willing to kill millions of innocent people, just to satisfy their plans for world domination!

Sorta like where you are right now, son. I’m not sure you recognize the kind of enemy you’re up against, but I recognize ’em. I sure do. They’re exactly like the Nazis, the Fascists, the Kamikaze fanatics I was up against!

There’s no arguing or negotiating with these people. Oh, they’ll string you along and sweet talk and make you think you might work out some kind of deal with ’em. Meanwhile, they’re cutting heads off hostages, burning some alive and butchering children in front of their parents, just to prove they can. And to make the world afraid.

I’m writing this to give you some advice. From what I’ve seen from up here, you don’t like advice very much. You seem to think you can just make your own decisions, and everything’ll work out the way you want it to. But I’ve got a great worldview from where I’m sitting – and I’m tellin’ you you’ve got one choice now. Just one.

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When I became president, America had just gotten the atomic bomb. Nobody wanted to use it – except the Germans, who were racing us to get the capability. If we didn’t use it first, they certainly would. And I – I alone – had to make the decision whether to use it, even knowing some innocent Japanese would be killed, or not to, and see thousands of Japanese and Americans be killed in the ongoing war.

I made the decision. It always said on my desk “The Buck Stops Here.” And I had to personally give our Air Force the directive to drop those first hideous bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasake. And I prayed it was God’s will.

Have you studied over the results of that decision? World War II was suddenly over. Yes, thousands died in those two devastating blasts – but thousands of other lives were saved, both American and Japanese. I was comforted by what I’d read in Romans 13 in the Bible: Talking about governmental rulers that God had put in place, the writer Paul said, “he does not bear the sword in vain: for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.

Mr. President, you occupy the position of leader of the free world. If you don’t act now, and act decisively, with the full force of the weapons you have – which America has not used since those two bombs in 1945 – you will forever be condemned for not sparing the world the full force of these demonic enemies when you could have!

You probably don’t have as much regard for Ronald Reagan as I do, but this man saw a crazed tyrant in Libya named Gadhafi, who was sponsoring terrorism in his part of the world, and realized that only a sudden show of terrible force would back him into his hole. So President Reagan authorized a bombing raid right on Gadhafi’s desert compound – without any warning – and stopped him in his tracks. That was the end of Gadhafi’s terrorist activities.

What would I do, right now? I’d send some kind of warning to the people in Northern Iraq to get 50 miles away from the ISIS caves and headquarters … and drop devastation on them as I did on Hiroshima.

And while the mushroom cloud was dissipating, I’d tell Yemen: “You’re next, al-Qaida or Taliban or whatever you call yourselves. You’ve got two days to clear out and scatter for whatever holes you came from. We never wanted to use these terrible weapons, but you’ve left us no choice. Just one episode on American soil like you’ve videotaped over there, and you vermin will cease to exist!”

And then I’d tell Tehran: “We’re through messing with you mullahs and ayatollahs. Discontinue any plan to make a bomb like the one we’ve just used – or we’ll use it on you! If you want a taste of what ISIS just got, try us. We’ve kept our arsenal for just this purpose – not to make war, but to promote peace … through strength.

“We’ve still got the strength, and the will. And we’ll use it, if you force us to. Make up your mind, right now. NOW!”

Mr. President, you’ve tried “diplomacy.” They’re laughing at you, and our allies know, or think they know, you’re not about to take any decisive or deterring action. You’re just dithering, hoping something will happen to get you out of this mess. Maybe Putin will jump in and save your bacon again. The world saw how that worked out.

No, sir, it’s up to you. Have you got the guts, the backbone, the courage to do what has to be done? It’s the only thing that will stop these fiends in their tracks and convince them that they can never ride roughshod over the United States of America – not as long as we still strive to be “one nation under God.” Our God.

They used to call me “give ’em hell Harry.” What are they gonna call you?

With respect,

God help you. And America.

Harry S Truman

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