So who is the latest mass-murdering hater?

By Joseph Farah

When a white guy in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, was charged with putting bullets in the heads of three Muslims, you might expect the multicultural left to be screaming “Islamophobe,” “hate crime” and demanding sensitivity training in schools and in workplaces.

But we haven’t heard that.


Because Craig Hicks, the suspect charged in the murders, is an atheist, a fan of the Southern Poverty Law Center and likes MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, “The Science Guy” Bill Nye, same-sex marriage groups and the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

So he’s immune to the label.

He hasn’t even been charged with a “hate crime.”

After all, we all know “progressives” aren’t haters, right?

It’s not the first time the SPLC, a regular source for the establishment press on all matters dealing with “hate” and “extremism,” has been an inspiration for someone who shed real blood. Two years ago, a man convicted of domestic terrorism said he got the idea to target the Family Research Council for mass murder from SPLC’s website, which lists the Christian organization as a “hate group.” He intended to kill as many staffers of FRC as possible, stuffing a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich in the mouth of each of his dead targets. Fortunately, a security guard he had shot stopped him.

Yet the old narrative continues without the slightest shred of evidence to support it: It’s conservatives, tea party members and Christians who represent a real threat to domestic tranquility.

Just last week, for instance, Dean Obeidallah, part of the group of American Muslims who met with Barack Obama last week, exonerated atheism as a threat to Muslim rights and blamed … the Republican Party.

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His Tweet stated: “I don’t blame atheism for murder of 3 Muslim Amer students. My focus is the GOP officials+professional anti-Muslim bigots.”

This guy, Hicks, was a fan of Richard Dawkins, who believes all human beings are the evolutionary product of pond scum.

Naturally, the Muslim Brotherhood-founded Council on American Islamic Relations is spouting off on the hideous slaughter of three Muslims – never once mentioning the fact that its political allies provided the inspiration for the violence.

Who are the real haters and extremists and inciters?

Hicks’ Facebook friends represent a rogue’s gallery of them – all card-carrying members of the “progressive” agenda and, like Hicks, all immune to the guilt-by-association tactic they love to employ despite a total lack of evidence.

You know, in all the years I have been listed among the SPLC’s list of “haters,” I have never once been linked – even by three degrees of separation – with any act of violence. To the best of my knowledge, no one who has ever befriended me on Facebook or held me up as an inspiration has ever committed a heinous act of terrorism or violence. But here we see yet another example of SPLC being directly linked to an actual act of domestic terrorism and multiple murders.

Will Rachel Maddow stop putting targets on the backs and fronts of people with whom she disagrees? I kinda doubt it.

These people have get-out-of-jail-free cards. All they have to do is be “progressive,” which is the most gutless choice anyone in public life can make. All you have to do is denounce everything decent and positive about America.

It’s so easy to be a “progressive.” There’s no price to pay.

I know. I was one. I mouthed all the platitudes. I can still remember them all. I can still think like that. I can still debate like that – even though long ago I discovered it was an intellectually bankrupt ideology that twisted the truth beyond recognition.

Just imagine if this alleged killer turned out to be a tea party member. Would it not be a much more appealing story for Rachel Maddow to cover? Can you imagine the fund-raising SPLC would be doing by now? Can you imagine the size of the task force Eric Holder would have dispatched to Chapel Hill?

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