An earlier WND Israel tour

An earlier WND Israel tour

WASHINGTON – Are you ready to see Israel with an Arab-American expert, a New York Times bestselling prophecy author and a pastor-worship leader who’s in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame?

That’s what this year’s WND Israel tour has to offer.

  • Joseph Farah is a former Middle East correspondent who later ran daily newspapers in major U.S. markets before launching the first independent Internet news service. He also studied prophecy at the foot of Hal Lindsey, collaborating with him on six books over 10 years. He also collaborated with Rush Limbaugh on his No. 1 bestseller “See, I Told You So.” He was dubbed “The Arabian Knight” by a U.S. Jewish magazine for his historical and biblical defense of Israel. In 2013 and 2014, he led two of the biggest U.S. tours of Israel with messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of “The Harbinger” and “The Mystery of the Shemitah.”
  • Joel Richardson is the New York Times bestselling author of “The Islamic Antichrist,” “Mideast Beast” and his latest, “When a Jew Rules the World.” In his latest movie, “End Times Eyewitness,” Richardson went on location through the Middle East and Turkey to show prophecy unfolding, interviewing persecuted Christians, Jewish leaders who seek to rebuild the Temple and Muslim scholars who reveals their own end times eschatological expectations.
  • Richie Furay is senior pastor of a Calvary Chapel Church in Broomfield, Colorado, and known internationally as a member of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame for his groundbreaking music career with the Buffalo Springfield, Poco and Souther, Hillman and Furay.
From the 2014 visit

From the 2014 visit

The trip, which begins Nov. 3 and concludes Nov. 13, offers an intimate experience of fellowship, worship and deep teaching about the centrality of Israel to God’s plan for salvation and the restoration of planet Earth.

The tour will combine visits to the most well-known and popular sites in Israel with music, prayer, celebration and lots of interaction with Israeli guides and tour leaders.

From WND's earlier Israel Tour

From WND’s earlier Israel Tour

“Prepare for one of the most exciting experiences of your life if you come to Israel with us,” said Farah. “That’s what we hear over and over again after these Israel tours. It’s a life-changing event, whether it’s your first trip to Israel or your 20th. These excursions are simply unforgettable. I am so excited about the opportunity to tour with Richie Furay and Joel Richardson – both so gifted and so devoted to Yeshua-Jesus.”

For the complete itinerary and information about registration, go to or call Coral Tours.

See a video about the trip:

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