Liberals and the health fascists are suddenly hysterical because millions of Americans are not getting a measles vaccination for themselves or their children. The real story here, however, is what public skepticism about vaccinations tells us about growing public distrust of government in general.

Naturally, the mainstream media are not interested in that story. They are too busy manufacturing outrage over politicians who aren’t clamoring for mandatory vaccinations. Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Rand Paul were attacked for suggesting that parental consent for child vaccinations is good public policy. But the parental consent question is a distraction from the central issue.

Think about it. Chances are, if you didn’t get a measles vaccination as a child, you’re not going to get one just because the government says you should. In fact, you might see government pressure to get a vaccination as one more reason not to do it.

What should be worrying liberals and the health fascists is that this public skepticism is totally understandable and entirely justified. Why would any intelligent person follow the government’s advice on hardly anything? Who any longer believes that the federal government is looking out for our best interests – in health matters or anywhere else?

The Centers for Disease Control can’t even predict which flu virus is going to be the greatest threat 10 months from now, and can’t tell us two months after the Disneyland outbreak what the origin of that first measles case was. Was it a Disneyland employee, a foreign visitor, or a recent immigrant? The CDC also hasn’t explained why people who did have a measles vaccination nonetheless came down with the affliction.

The list of issues and problems where government forecasts and warning have been proven wrong is longer than Michelle Obama’s list of banned school lunch foods.

Do most Americans trust the federal government on “global warming”? No.

Do we believe the government when it says our borders are secure? No.

Do we believe the government knows best for our children when it tries to set national education standards in math, social studies or English? No.

Does anyone believe the government conducted health screenings for those 70,000 “unaccompanied minors” from Central America who have been relocated to dozens of communities without the consent of local authorities? No.

Do people believe the government is taking all necessary steps to protect us from terrorist attacks by radical Islamists, Islamists who may obtain travel visas to the United States at any European embassy? No.

Do people believe IRS agents are a group of honest public servants seeking only to collect the taxes that are due and not playing political favorites with their vast powers? No.

Do people believe that hundreds of billions in welfare checks are going only to people who genuinely need and deserve temporary public assistance? No.

Do people believe the only reason the government wants universal gun registration is to protect public safety? No.

Does anyone believe the only reason Obama is releasing known terrorists from Gitmo is to improve our image abroad? No.

The list of reasons why people no longer trust the government is longer than the list of reasons why we still pledge allegiance to the flag. But we’re supposed to run the doctor and get a measles vaccination because the government recommends it?

It may well be that we SHOULD be getting those measles vaccinations. But there is so much public distrust of government that few will heed that warning.

That irony points to the real lesson of Big Government. When government expands to areas where it does not belong and cannot deliver on its promises, it stops being efficient in areas where it does belong.

We have come to a point where even good advice from the government will be ignored by tens of millions because the government has such a dismal record and has forfeited the trust it once enjoyed. Small government is better government, and we need to heed that principle if we hope to restore trust in government prognostications.

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