Woman awakes to ‘peeping tom’ drone at window

By WND Staff


A South Carolina woman is not sleeping well after she awoke to what her local newspaper calls “a very unusual peeping tom” looking inside her window.

According to the Rock Hill Herald, the woman from York, South Carolina, called the sheriff’s office when she was awakened around 2 a.m. on Feb. 11 and saw a light outside her window.

“When she got up to investigate, she saw that the light was attached to what the incident report describes as a flying ‘drone,'” the paper reported.

Once spotted, the drone then flew away from the woman’s home toward a Duke Energy building.

The report has no other details about the drone, except to say it had a bright light.

By the time the woman notified police, she said she had already contacted Duke Energy, along with a relative who previously worked for the power company, apparently believing it was operating the device.

She was instructed to file a police report about the matter.

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