Rearrange all the letters of President Barack Obama just so and you can get a perfect anagram using all 20 characters with none left over.

You know what it says?

“An Arab-backed imposter.”

arab-backed-imposter-poster-600Now that’s a nearly perfect description of who Barack Hussein Obama really is. What are the chances? I say nearly perfect only because I like to spell impostor with the O rather than the E. But both are acceptable.

Maybe you’ve seen this before.

It’s new to me. And I get all the Obama stuff. Believe me.

I’m stunned.

If you had any doubts about a higher power, this should resolve them. His true identity was locked away in an anagram all this time. It’s like the Bible codes, only funnier.

Somebody needs to tell Rudy Giuliani – stop apologizing! It’s true. He doesn’t like America, he detests it. That’s because, as his name reveals, he’s an Arab-backed imposter.

By the way, it’s not racist for me to make this known to the world, because I am an Arab – just not one of those backing him.

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Just for the record, WND has been making the case that Obama is and always has been an “imposter.” He’s simply not constitutionally eligible for the presidency. But he not only fooled America once, he fooled us twice. You know what they say about that. Shame on us.

As for being Arab-backed:

  • Obama is the guy who famously said of the Muslim call to prayer, it’s “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” He’s the only guy I know who ever said it!
  • The Arab fund-raising spigots were turned on for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign when it was revealed in WND that the campaign was accepting credit card donations in untold amounts from an Arab money-laundering operation in the Palestinian Authority.
  • Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi raised money for that campaign, too. He has called Israel “an apartheid system in creation” and “racist.” He has made statements supportive of Palestinian terror.
  • Obama also famously bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia.

I could go on and on, but the fruits of Obama’s pro-Muslim, pro-Arab fanaticism are pretty obvious at this point. He has turned over the always-boiling cauldron of Muslim Arab hatred, and it is now spilling all over the Middle East and the world.

His friends in the Arab world must be cheering Obama’s snub of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the way he’s exporting his political machine to challenge him in retaining power in the Jewish state.

He’s an imposter, all right – and Arab-backed.

He’s even got an Arab name. Not a nice one like me, by the way. Do you know what my name means in Arabic?

In Arabic “Yusef” means “God increases in piety, power and influence.” But, to be honest, it’s really a Hebrew name meaning: “May God add/give increase.” Very similar meaning in both languages. And, as for “Farah,” it means “joy” in Arabic. So I guess you could say my name in Arabic means “God increases in piety, power, influence and joy.”

What does Barack Hussein Obama mean in Arabic?

Barack can have three possible meanings based on their usage: “Blessed” is one. Another is quite astonishing given his history with the Saudi king. It can mean “to make to kneel down.” The last meaning is to “to curse” or “blaspheme.” Take your pick there.

Hussein generally means “beautiful” or “handsome.”

Obama, an African name, oddly can also translate to “slightly bent,” reflective of that bow again.

So then I guess you could say Obama’s name unscrambled means either:

  • Blessed, handsome and slightly bent, or,
  • Bowing, handsome and slightly bent, or,
  • Blaspheming, handsome and slightly bent

The choices only get worse when considered in other languages, by the way.

Any way you slice it, however, the perfect anagram is “an Arab-backed imposter.”

How did it take us six years to learn this?

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