Ben Carson

Ben Carson

Creators Syndicate, the service that runs conservative Ben Carson’s regular column, has yanked his most recent column from its list of website offerings and announced it will be ending the feature in about 30 days.

Managing editor David Yontz criticized Carson’s latest column as “misleading” because it seems to suggest he’s already a candidate for the White House in 2016, Media Matters reported.

Carson has formed an exploratory committee, but not yet officially announced a run.

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His latest column, out Wednesday and published at WND, spoke of his mindset and thoughts on running for the high office, and the “significant learning curve” any possible presidential candidate faces. He wrote, various media reported: “Being able to choose trusted and capable thought leaders on foreign affairs and other matters, and rely upon them to inform critical decisions, is more important to a president’s job than an ability to regurgitate minutiae.”

Yontz said such campaign-heavy rhetoric isn’t appropriate.

“In his latest column, Ben Carson talks about what he would do as an official candidate for president of the United States. He ends the column by saying he wanted to communicate his thoughts as he ‘consider[s] this monumental step.’ But in the same column, he described himself as a candidate for president,” Yontz said, to Media Matters.

He said the syndicate decided to pull down Carson’s latest column from its site because, “though the column was not an announcement and Dr. Carson is still in exploratory mode, we agree that the column was misleading.”

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Carson still has a few days left to write his column, but with restrictions.

Yontz said he will have to keep “away from anything that could be perceived as campaign-related.”


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