In watching Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deliver his courageous and insightful speech to Congress, I was struck by the irony of the situation from a domestic U.S. political perspective.

Netanyahu was there at the invitation of House Speaker John Boehner. He was there to talk about how he is doing everything in his power to defend his country – to save it from conventional, unconventional, nuclear and asymmetrical attacks from enemies who surround it.

Yet, Boehner and his GOP colleagues, while seeing the stakes in the Mideast clearly, were busy destroying their own country’s national security by preparing a “clean bill” to fund the Department of Homeland Security so Barack Obama’s illegal amnesty program can go forth to “fundamentally transform” America.

One of the ways Israel has maintained its safety and security in the midst of enemies is by building security walls and limiting immigration that would overrun the country and transform it from being the one and only Jewish state in the world, the one and only free state in the Middle East.

The irony has always been that while Arabs and Muslims denounce and attack Israel, they’re also dying to get into the one and only free nation in the region.

Likewise, while the U.S. is denounced by much of the world, it, too, would be overrun by uncontrolled immigration, losing forever the institutions that preserve its liberty and prosperity. Everyone hates the U.S. these days, but they can’t wait to move here.

While many Americans may be cheering Boehner today for supporting Netanyahu, it’s important to look at the motives of politicians. Boehner may be taking a contrary position to Barack Obama on Israel, but he is Obama’s biggest enabler on the domestic political agenda.

Think about it.

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Why does Boehner recognize Israel’s absolute need to build walls and fences and limit immigration, while refusing to see why the U.S. needs more than a dose of that medicine, too?

Why does Boehner recognize, and even fund, Egypt’s building of security walls to keep out terrorist infiltrators while refusing to see why it’s necessary for the U.S. to do the same?

Why does Boehner recognize the need for Saudi Arabia to build walls and fences to deter terrorist infiltration while refusing to see the need for the U.S. to protect itself and its institutions?

Something’s not right here.

Netanyahu’s got it right.

Boehner does not.

Netanyahu is part of the solution.

Boehner is part of the problem – a big part, perhaps as much as Obama.

Boehner’s popularity numbers will rise today because he stood with Netanyahu and Israel. But it will be undeserved. It will be illusion. It will be style over substance.

Boehner is Obama’s biggest ally in undermining American domestic tranquility. He gives the appearance of opposition, but not the substance.

Let me state this clearly: If Obama is permitted to get away with his illegal amnesty program, America will be forever diminished. The rule of law will be forever diminished. The will of the people will be forever diminished. Limited government will be forever diminished. America will be “fundamentally transformed.”

While most of us can see clearly Israel’s predicament, we need to see our own, too.

As Israel’s No. 1 friend in the world, we need to do more than cheer Israelis. We need to emulate them and their solutions for self-preservation.

Otherwise, we might not be strong enough to back Israel in its time of need.

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