Conservative radio rock star Laura Ingraham had some harsh words for President Obama over his emerging nuclear deal with Tehran, saying the White House leader was taking matters way too far into his own hands and that Congress ought to consider stepping in and stopping him – and even impeaching him.

She made the fiery remarks during an “On the Record” interview with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News.

She said, the Hill reported: The Senate needs to consider “extreme measures” to halt Team Obama from negotiating by itself, absent congressional oversight, with Iran.

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And then she raised the “I word,” impeachment.

“MSNBC and all of these others [will say] she mentioned the ‘I word.’ All I will say is, if there is a consensus in Congress that this is one of the most critical national security issues we will face, and he doesn’t go to Congress, then you can just throw up your hands and say the Constitution doesn’t mean anything, or you write a letter, you put public pressure on him,” Ingraham said. “Or you have to consider your ‘I word’ alternative.”

Ingraham’s comments come as 47 Republican senators sent the White House a letter – which was basically an open letter to Iran – warning that any nuclear deal struck between the United States and Tehran was subject to change under the next administration. The White House expressed outrage with the letter, accusing Republicans of undermining the president during a crucial stage of negotiations with the Iranian regime.

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