Would you gargle with arsenic?

Or juggle nitroglycerin?

Or even poke a poisonous brown recluse spider?

Perhaps not.

But an editorial cartoon published Tuesday in Pennsylvania-based suggests such “idiotic behaviors” is the same as if you deny “human-caused climate change.”

The banner atop the cartoon says, “Four totally idiotic behaviors,” then has images of people gargling with arsenic, juggling nitroglycerin, poking a brown recluse and denying so-called man-made climate change.

The headline at PennLive reads: “Yes, climate change is real. Stop denying it: A PennLive editorial cartoon.”

Apparently, not everyone agrees with the news site’s assertion.

One commenter noted: “The temp on Mars is rising so how many coal mines, big SUVs are driving around on Mars? It is just a normal cycle of the Earth.”

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