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'Disarm NYPD' movement grows in New York

A movement in New York City to disarm police has been growing.

An activist group calling itself Disarm NYPD is seeking to strip officers of their firearms and boot them from select neighborhood streets, all in the name of keeping city citizens safe.

A Twitter message from Occupy Buffalo gives a quick summary of the group’s mission: “Disarm NYPD is a new collective seeking to immediately stop the New York Police Department from killing anyone,” Twitchy found.

The activists have teamed up with another group, Copwatch, that seeks to create “no-cop zones” and to hold police accountable via aggressive filming of their activities, the nonprofit Waging Nonviolence reported.

What does it mean when the government steps over the line? Details in “Constitutional Chaos” by Judge Andrew Napolitano.

“We feel that the police have proven that they’re not responsible enough to carry arms due to the fact that they’ve been killing people so consistently for so many decades,” said one member of Disarm NYPD, who requested anonymity for the Waging Nonviolence report. “We feel that they should be disarmed immediately.

The overall aim of the activist effort is to force police to keep away from certain neighborhoods deemed as “over policed” and then “maintain these cop-free zones with [alternate], community-based forms of conflict resolution,” Waging Nonviolence reported.

The “no-cop zones” idea began with Take Back The Bronx, a group formed in 2011 that’s still operational, the nonprofit reported.