Andrea Tantaros of Fox News

Andrea Tantaros of Fox News

Andrea Tantaros, co-host of “Outnumbered” on Fox News, doubled down on a suggestion President Obama might be anti-Semitic, naming off the ways during a recent broadcast that the White House pushes views that seemingly harm Israel.

“Remember President Obama ripping Netanyahu to Nicolas Sarkozy,” she said, Mediaite reported. “Also, saying Jerusalem needed to go to ’67 borders. The president’s friendship with intellectual radical Rashid Khalidi. There has been a history of things. This has not happened in a vacuum. It is time to ask the question: Is this White House anti-Semitic?”

Tantaros made a similar suggestion a week ago, while discussing Obama’s plans to allow Iran to further its nuclear program after ten years of good behavior – a much-contested “sunset clause” in the emerging U.S.-Tehran agreement that has set Israel on edge.

Her words, last Thursday, Salon reported: “Netanyahu wants to stop Iran from building a bomb. I question does the White House really want to stop them from building the bomb, or are they enabling them? Do they feel morally relative Obama, who believe in American exceptionalism just like Greek exceptionalism, just like Iranian exceptionalism? I mean, does he feel like they have the right to do this? I think it’s time that we ask the question, and I’m dead serious about this, is this White House anti-Semitic? Are they?”

One of her co-hosts replied, “That’s a pretty heavy charge,” Salon reported.

But Tantaros made the same suggestion this week – and right after, “Outnumbered” guest Charles Gasparino replied: “The administration is not anti-Semitic,” the news blog reported.

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