Fox News star grills Ted Cruz on record

By Cheryl Chumley

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Megyn Kelly of “The Kelly File” quizzed Sen. Ted Cruz on Fox News about his Capitol Hill record, asking him bluntly at one point: What have you done?

Her line of questioning mirrored what Cruz critics accuse – that the Texas tea party star doesn’t have a lengthy list of legislative accomplishments and is actually as much as a political newbie as President Obama was when he rose in the ranks.

Kelly’s question: “What have you actually accomplished?”

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Cruz’s reply: “[I’ve been] stopping bad things from happening,” like Obama’s push for more gun control, he said.

The Fox News anchor then reminded that a successful president has to “bring coalitions together,” rather than just serve to stop unfavorable proposed policy.

“I had more legislation pass the Senate than all but a handful of Republicans,” Cruz said.

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The Fox News segment also focused on Cruz’s reputation as a hard-line politico who stands for principle over party – a trait some define as non-compromising – and whether he could actually win over enough moderates to take the White House.

“There’s nothing like the warm embrace of the mainstream media,” he joked, referencing the many statements in the press in the past 24 hours insisting he cannot win. “I can’t think of a better summary of why I’m running. I mean, if you’re looking for a candidate embraced by the Washington elite, I ain’t your guy.”

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