Amidst the continuous turmoil over Obama’s unconstitutional governing edicts, the focus always turns to “reining him in.”

But what if the people who promised at the last election to “rein him in” don’t really want to “rein him in”? What if they in fact support his agenda?

Humanity seems always to fall into the same pit with regards to government:

1) First, we elect people who promise to use government to do more things for us. At first these benefits sound good. For instance, I would find it difficult to build an interstate highway across the country. Infrastructure is a logical use for government. I see the advantage in better movement of products and services from state to state. So I sign on. But to accomplish this task, government grows.

2) Next, more ambitious tasks are undertaken by those hired to build the highways: expanded access to education, old age pensions and retirement guaranteed by government, the “great society” to eliminate poverty among the non-working and nation building to “keep the peace” overseas.

3) Having fouled up these tasks beyond all recognition, we view the aftermath and elect people who promise to use government to fix the problems that it just caused. Such as: education that isn’t, unsupportable retirements, a growing welfare and entitlement class, and failed military campaigns overseas.

4) Finally, when the solutions themselves have proven more burdensome than the prior problems, and the solutions to those worse than the problems that came before them, we break into opposing camps regarding further fixes. We then work to elect more people who promise to fix the problems caused by the last batch of people who failed to fix the problem caused by the batch before that.

The fatal error occurred in Step 2. The clue was government trying to fix human nature. In the computer world, we call this an endless loop: it consumes all the computer’s resources but accomplishes nothing, and starves all productive activity. This is because the program itself is flawed. Installing a faster computer and running the same, flawed program only accomplishes the same thing – nothing – albeit faster.

Step 1 used bulldozers to push dirt around and change the landscape to make it more convenient for people. Step 2 attempted to push people around and make them more convenient for society. Step 3 assumed that more rules would fix the failed program (herding cats, aka human beings) from Step 2. Step 4 installed a new computer with greater horsepower (more people working in government consuming more resources) thus running the failed program in Step 3 ever faster.

Step 5, which we are now well into, is totalitarian collapse. See the Soviet Union and former Eastern Bloc history for details.

When the rules that prohibit further government growth kick in, such as budgets, separation of powers, powers reserved unto the people or the states, limits on taxation, those rules – or people – must be neutralized. And they will. Because government that has reached this stage exists only to serve itself.

Obama wasn’t the beginning of Stage 4 of the meltdown. He was the end. His job was to usher in Stage 5. Since the inception of the most recent financial crisis, under the Federal Reserve’s watchful eye the dollar grew from being worth 1 dollar and 0 cents, to 0 dollars and 3 cents.

That 3-cent valuation was before the most recent “qualitative easings” and other doublespeak for helping the rich grow richer (since they already owned the bulk of financial investments that would grow as the dollar was further diluted).

This was necessary, from the standpoint of the new tech rich, so they could continue running things and have time to perfect their technology and its associated brave new world. After all, as inflation takes hold, it takes more and more money to buy politicians.

That’s what the farce of modern elections is all about. Limit the candidates to those you’ve already bought and paid for, polarize the electorate with the choices in State 4, and proceed with Stage 5. But never, ever, ever talk about Stage 2.

And what about you? Where do you fit in? You’re worth anywhere from nothing – if you are already a partisan supporting one group or another – to a few bucks of walking-around money and a ride to the polling place, where you can be “helped” to make the right choice on Election Day. You know, vote for the one person who will fix all our problems.

To close, we have to go back to our opening. While much of the nation is focused on “reining him in,” the simple fact is that Washington, D.C., and the rest of the Politburo on the Potomac is more interested in “reigning” him in. All those pesky constitutional clauses and amendments are so yesterday! No rules? No worries!

It has happened before: the Garden of Eden; the flood; the rise of the religious hierarchy; the Crucifixion of Christ. Maybe the third time is the charm? The atheist; the technological challenge. Will the Creator rise to the challenge? Or is He, too, now irrelevant?

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