New video shows a child executioner for ISIS shooting a young Israeli at point-blank range.

The latest video to emerge from the camp of Islamic State’s terror is of a boy, around the age of 12, killing a young man identified as an Israeli spy with a point blank shot to the head.

The Mirror reported that the Israeli was 19 years old.

The video, posted on Twitter accounts used by ISIS, spans 13 minutes and includes a calm confession from the Israeli about being a Mossad spy, Fox News reported. The man’s family later identified him as Muhammad Said Ismail Musallam from East Jerusalem, Fox News reported.

He’s believed to be the Mossad spy ISIS claimed to have adbucted a month ago, and who was interviewed by the terror group’s online magazine, Dabiq. In that interview, Musallam says he was recruited into the Mossad by a neighbor who was a police officer.

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The video shows Musallam being shot, and then falling to the ground, The Mirror reported. And after he’s on the ground, the boy shoots him several more times, and yells: “Allahu Akbar,” or God is great.

Veryan Khan, editorial director of the Florida-based Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium, said the tail end of the video is especially frightening because it includes a threat against specific Mossad agents – and then lists their names and home addressed in both English and Arabic, Fox News reported.

“The use of a child executioner is significant because ISIS is demonstrating the ‘growing’ caliphate and that they are raising their next generation of warriors now,” Khan said.

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