Mark Levin: Obama is ‘anti-Semitic’

By Cheryl Chumley

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Mark Levin, the so-dubbed “Great One” of the conservative radio world, slammed President Obama on national television as an “anti-Semitic” who’s more than willing to throw Israel under the bus.

On “Fox News Channel” with host Sean Hannity, Levin first took on Attorney General Eric Holder.

“Eric Holder said that nation is full of cowards because we won’t have a discussion about race,” he said, according to Newsmax. “Well, I think this nation needs to have a discussion about what’s going on in this White House and this administration about anti-Semitism. They’re willing to throw Israel over the side for the Islamo-regime in Tehran.”

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Levin then pointed to the radical associations that Obama was seemingly comfortable to keep, including that of Rev. Al Sharpton or Rev. Jeremiah Wright. As for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?

Levin said Obama disdained to associate with the Jewish leader.

“I don’t care how many liberal Democrat donors he has who are Jewish,” he said, on Fox News. “He can hide behind them all he wants. But Mr. Holder, Mr. Obama, let’s have a national discussion about the anti-Semitism that reeks from your administration.”

Hannity then directly asked Levin: Do you think Obama is anti-Semitic?

Levin’s reply: “I personally do. Yes, I do. Has he demonstrated otherwise?”

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