MSNBC host: ‘What about disarming police?’

By Cheryl Chumley

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In what’s probably one of the worst examples of bad timing in nationally televised news, MSNBC host Ed Schultz suggested just hours before two Ferguson-area law enforcement officers were shot at a protest that perhaps police should be disarmed.

He was discussing on “The Ed Show” on Wednesday evening the federal intervention in Ferguson, the release of the Department of Justice report and the subsequent resignation or firing of several key police and city officials.

Schultz said, the Washington Free Beacon reported: “It’s very clear the residents of Ferguson in the minority community, they’ve gotten what they wanted. They got some intervention from the feds. They got an investigation. They got a real calculation about the way things are and now there’s some change and now I think it’s up to the community. It’s up to those people that live on avenues and streets that care about their future and their kids to step up and be a part of this change and do something. This is going to be a story to watch for a long time.”

Guest Michael Eric Dyson responded: “What we have to see is that if the police stop killing unarmed black men, that’s the proof in the pudding. Not simply economic opportunity but they’ve got to stop being murdered unfairly.”

And Schultz’s reply?

“Well, I’ll give you this one. What about disarming the police? What about just having them carry night sticks and the authority to arrest? It would take a brave person to do something  like that, but if you really want – there are places on the face of this Earth where there are police officers that don’t carry firearms.”

Dyson agreed and Schultz added one more point, the Washington Free Beacon reported: “If you really want change, you have to institutionally show it to the people that you want to do this. That would be part of a big social engineering project is Ferguson is going to turn around.”

It was just a few hours later that two officers standing outside the local police department and monitoring a protest over the announced resignation of Thomas Jackson, Ferguson police chief, were shot by someone in the crowd. The officers were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of “serious” injuries.

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MSNBC host: ‘What about disarming police?’

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