First, Barack Obama provided taxpayer dollar to a nonprofit group he assembled to sabotage the re-election campaign of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He never liked Netanyahu for standing firmly for the security of his country.

He really didn’t like it when he responded positively to an invitation to address the U.S. Congress, after being repeatedly snubbed by the White House.

Then Obama’s scheme to sabotage the Israeli election through foreign intervention failed. Netanyahu was re-elected – in bigger numbers than expected.

Outfoxed, Obama is now appealing to the United Nations to redraw Israel’s borders along the Auschwitz lines by creating an Arab terrorist state or two next door. Presumably, by doing this, Obama is also signaling the U.S., which has always been counted as standing with Israel in the past, will not veto any U.N. plan.

This is Obama’s notion to punish Israeli citizens for voting against his will.

I can’t cite the laws for you, but if anything should be illegal in America, it’s messing in the internal politics of our nation’s closest, most important and most trusted, self-governing, democratic (with a small D) allies.

I’ll leave that to the legal scholars. But if it’s legal for the president of the United States to funnel taxpayer dollars into nonprofit political gun-for-hire mercenaries, we’re no longer living in the land of the free and the home of the brave – a nation founded on the principal of independence and national sovereignty.

It’s just too bad the so-called political opposition elected to Congress in 2014 is too timid, too gun shy, too intimidated by Obama to be expected to do anything about it – despite the overwhelming support Israel maintains with the voting populace.

It’s a scandal that America has lost its devotion to checks and balances in government at the very time the country’s first genuine rogue president, one who despises its institutions, has bared his tyrannical teeth.

Israel lives on the front lines in the titanic battle against Islamic extremism and state-sponsored terror. That’s why it needs its independence – so that it feels free to act in the national security interests of its small population on a small strip of land the size of New Jersey. Obama won’t be happy until Israel is the size of Delaware – or ceases to exist altogether.

Only the talk-show hosts and a few intrepid commentators have it right: Obama’s latent anti-Semitism is coming to the fore. In fact, it’s no longer latent – if it ever were. It’s open. It’s active. It’s visible for all to see.

There’s one tiny Jewish state in the world – and that’s apparently one too many for Obama.

But, don’t despair.

In fact, take heart.

Israel has in its corner a force more powerful than Obama and even the United States.

It’s the only country in the world that was resurrected after 2,000 years, complete with its original language, in one day – just as the Bible promised it would be.

Do you believe that’s a coincidence?

Those who do are operating more on faith than rationality.

Even what we see happening right now – the division of the land – was predicted in the Bible.

It takes a lot of blind faith not to see Israel still plays a central role, as it always has, in God’s plan for the redemption of mankind.

The Bible also promises that the nations of the world will be judged according to how they treat “the brethren.” That’s Israel. Think about it. Think about it hard.

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