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Obama's next immigration scam

President Obama’s high-handed executive amnesty reveals America is now in a post-constitutional era of governance.

The executive and the regulatory bureaucracy can promulgate laws on their own without the assent of the people’s representatives in Congress.

When Congress refused to play along with the administration’s pipe dream to limit carbon dioxide emissions, Obama directed the EPA to impose binding regulations on its own.

When Congress refused to erase our national borders and allow the unlimited influx of cheap laborers from abroad, Obama took it upon himself to rewrite the laws on his own.

Now Obama wants to make sure a future chief executive doesn’t reverse course and undo his dream to fundamentally transform America.

Having stripped Congress of its power to limit immigration, Obama hopes to cement his open borders policy in international law.

The administration is set to conclude a sweeping international regulatory agreement known as the TransPacific Partnership, TPP, with 11 countries, from Mexico and Canada to Vietnam and Malaysia.

Under the TPP, our national laws will be subordinated to binding, enforceable regulations Obama calls “the rules for the world’s economy.”

Buried deep in the secretive TPP agreement is an entire chapter on immigration, or as the bureaucrats call it, “labor mobility.”

This would explain why the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – the biggest advocate of open-border “immigration reform” – is intent on ramming the TransPacific Partnership through Congress.

Leaked documents reveal that the corporatist cronies writing the TPP would be able to hire people anywhere in the world and bring them into the United States – in unlimited numbers.

The book “The TransPacific Partnership A Quest for a 21st Century Trade Agreement” says increased immigration is the new frontier for trade agreements, “promising great opportunities for individual migrants,” and would “provide great welfare enhancements” for “developing country workers.”

A corporatist trade association declares “The TPP should remove restrictions on nationality or residency requirements for the selection of personnel” with “efficient” and “expedited visas.”

We begin to get a sense of the numbers involved courtesy of the Wilson Center. Their article “Barriers to Cross-Border Labor Mobility” says “a global shortage of 42 million skilled workers in the near future will necessitate discussions and progress on the movement of talent across borders around the world.”

“Skilled workers” is a euphemism for tech workers. A toxic alphabet soup of guest worker visas, from H1B to L1A, allows HR departments to replace American tech workers with lower-paid foreign-born labor.

The Obama administration has kept details of the TransPacific Partnership under wraps, but we can see the camel’s nose under the tent in the discredited Korea-U.S. trade agreement. (That pact has led to soaring imports from and a trade deficit with South Korea despite promises it would boost exports to that country.)

The Korea-U.S. deal cemented into law a visa waiver program that allows an unlimited number of people into this country for an initial period of up to five years, with unlimited extensions.

The Department of Homeland Security inspector general says the visa program in question, known as L1, is notorious for fraud and abuse and has recommended serious reforms.

Globalist interests are pushing back against any attempt to limit their ability to move workers across borders at will.

If they can’t get their way through the legislative process, they simply look for a way to bypass Congress.

Obama was happy to accommodate with his pen and his phone.

Now, he is poised to take “immigration reform” even further through the phony “free trade” agreement, the TransPacific Partnership.