Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Rush Limbaugh

“Holy cow. Just wow. Man, what have we been missing for the last six-plus years, what could have been?”

That was Rush Limbaugh’s reaction to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s historic speech.

It was, said Limbaugh, “a speech that any previous American president could have and maybe would have made, a speech to rally and save Western civilization.” Unfortunately, he added, Obama had never delivered such an address and was unlikely to do so (Free audio).

“This e-mail scandal with Hillary, you know, everybody’s looking at the wrong thing again,” Limbaugh said on the other pressing topic in the news.

“It’s not about breaking the law. Of course she broke the law, but when have they not? They don’t care. Obama breaks the law every day with every executive order that he does. The point of this is, Mrs. Clinton was trying to hide from the official federal record” (Free audio).

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Michael Savage

“If you were Israel, would you put your security in the hands of Obama when you know what he’s done to America?” Savage asked his audience.

Savage was impressed by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to a joint session of Congress this week – and equally unimpressed by the president’s rude and childish refusal to attend.

He then turned on the “good liberals who think you are so self-righteous in attacking Israel. … You, my, friends are the new Nazis. And if you’re a Jewish liberal yourself, you’re an oven-ready Jew” (Free audio).

Savage added that even Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia believe Iran to be a threat to peace, “but somehow, the American liberal doesn’t know this. How is that possible? … They’re blind to the Hitlers of our time” (Free audio).

Aaron Klein

A surprise celebrity guest told Klein about his plan to attend Netanyahu’s speech in Congress warning of a nuclear Iran.

Klein also demonstrated that so-called “net neutrality” is a gateway for a regulation of the Internet, and reveals how those involved this measure plan to use it to leverage a government power grab.

He also presents new information on the Benghazi attacks, including Pentagon docs that may resurrect questions about unsubstantiated reports that the U.S. was running an interrogation center or secret prison in the area.

Radio host Hugh Hewitt joins the show to discuss his upcoming participation in the GOP presidential primary debates; plus new details about David Axelrod’s communist background and why it matters!

Listen on radio (AM 970 The Answer NY or NewsTalk 990 AM Philadelphia) or online.

Mark Levin

At CPAC last weekend, Mark Levin brashly criticized the Democrats and the Republicans:

“We are here today, not because we are Republicans. In fact, many of us are here in spite of that fact. We are here today, because we are losing our republic, and we are the sunshine patriots who intend to secure it.”

As for the possibility that Jeb Bush would run for the 2016 nomination, Levin joked, “The only dynasty I like is Duck Dynasty” (Free video).

With Obama in the White House, Levin admitted to Sean Hannity that he was “scared to death,” specifically on account of the president’s stance toward Iran, which, he reminded viewers, now has more ballistic missiles than any other Middle Eastern nation. This combined with the country’s obvious nuclear ambitions make Iran a great threat to which Obama seems indifferent (Free video).

Laura Ingraham

Ingraham also attended CPAC and joked with delegates about the looming 2016 election: “We can dispense of this whole nomination process altogether. Why don’t we just call it quits and Jeb and Hillary can run on the same ticket? So I’m designing the bumper sticker. It could be ‘Clush 2016: What Difference Does It Make?'”

Back on the air, Ingraham’s guests included journalist Bret Baier on why Obama wouldn’t meet with Netanyahu while he was visiting Washington; George Will, who says that “resistance to the dynastic impulse in American life” dogs Jeb Bush; Ken Blackwell on why Republican candidates who claim to be supporters of the rule of law cannot support amnesty at the same time (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck warned his audience that the assassination of former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov brings the world one step closer to World War III.

“I believe that we are headed for World War III, and there are two sides of this: the Axis powers and the Allied powers,” Beck explained. “I personally don’t think that we have chosen to be on either side yet. If anything we’re leaning towards an Axis power, not the Allied power. But hopefully the American people and Congress will wake up” (Free audio).

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