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Saddam Hussein's destructive legacy lives

The destruction of Saddam Hussein’s tomb during a battle between Shiite militias and the Muslim terrorist group ISIS is just the latest example of the “hand of God,” according to pastor and bestselling author Carl Gallups.

And more than that, he says, it may be another warning of the end times.

The author of the blockbuster “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation” believes there is a strong case that Saddam Hussein was a figure prophesied in the book of Revelation.

Indeed, maintains Gallups, the world is still living with his destructive legacy.

Gallups points to Revelation 9:11, which reads: “They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon.” Gallups notes, “The words Abaddon (Hebrew) and Apollyon (Greek) translate to ‘destroyer.'”

Gallups says the figure in question does not need to be a supernatural being but simply “the messenger of destruction.”

“The person in question would appear to be known as one who is bent on destruction – perhaps even known by the very title of ‘The Destroyer.'”

Remarkably, such a person existed – none other than the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

As Gallups notes, “Saddam” was not a name given to the Iraqi leader, but an epithet he adopted before he grabbed power. The word is derived from the Persian word meaning “crush.”

According to Gallups, ‘”Saddam Hussein’ is best translated as Hussein-Who-Crushes-Obstacles or Hussein-the-Destroyer.

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Amazingly, as Gallups describes in “Final Warning,” the Iraqi people nicknamed their leader “The Destroyer.”

Gallups provides further evidence for the biblical significance of Saddam Hussein in his book. But he says Saddam’s true importance is not just what the late Iraqi leader did himself, but what he unleashed, as the First Gulf War paved the way for the rise of ISIS and the current sectarian warfare in the Middle East.

Secular observers agree with this analysis. In an interview with WND, Gallups highlighted the critical importance of media reports identifying the First Gulf War as the root cause of the contemporary disorder in the Middle East.

Specifically, Gallups indicated a National Public Radio report describing the First Gulf War as a “short war with a long aftermath” which led “to further confrontations” with “reverberations that are still felt today.”

He also pointed to a column in the New York Times that claimed the “Arab Spring started in Iraq.” The article stated the authoritarian systems that ruled the Middle East for so long were critically undermined by the First Gulf War and the resulting further conflicts.

Drawing on such analysis, Gallups says the First Gulf War is the progenitor of the Middle Eastern chaos confronting the world today.

“The fifth trumpet, perhaps, paved the way for the sixth. With today’s news, we see the deep and profound relationship between these seemingly disparate periods of history, as the Destroyer who unleashed the first Gulf War has his tomb damaged by the very destruction he helped to unleash in the form of ISIS.”

The sixth trumpet prophesied in Revelation is a great war to take place in the area of the Euphrates River – the very region where ISIS is most active and arguably the geopolitical center of the contemporary world. Gallups says there is a great deal of evidence to suggest the sixth trumpet of Revelation may be near at hand.

And the destruction of Saddam Hussein’s tomb may be a divine reminder of the connections between these events.

“It’s difficult not to see the hand of God in events like this – as if He is reminding us of the importance of past events. In a sense, we never stopped fighting the first Gulf War. And the biblical references to Saddam Hussein are so clear and so terrifyingly specific that it is hard to draw any other conclusions.

“I am not dogmatic, but this is about as specific as prophecy gets. At this point we now must ask, ‘Is all of this simply an amazing collection of coincidences or is this perhaps prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes?'”

Readers around the country think it is no coincidence. “Final Warning” is just shy of being one of the top 100 books sold on Amazon.com on any subject. And Gallups’ tour de force on prophecy and biblical analysis is now the No. 1 Bible Study and Reference book for the New Testament as well as the No. 1 bestseller on eschatology.

Gallups is also receiving an enthusiastic reception on Christian media. “The Jim Bakker Show” will feature Gallups all week. The nationally known host called “Final Warning” an “epic book” and “one of the greatest books in our day.”

During an interview with Gallups, Bakker said of “Final Warning”: “If you will get this book you’re going to be better prepared for what’s coming! You need to read this book, it’s going to put a lot of what’s going on in perspective.”

The hunger to understand the patterns of history, Gallups says, is what is driving so many people to his book.

“The reception of ‘Final Warning’ shows that people are beginning to see the deeper meaning behind the passing headlines of the day. More importantly they see how history, prophecy, and their own lives are connected.”

And Gallups believes the war and bloodshed surrounding the tomb of “the Destroyer” Saddam Hussein are simply the echoes of that terrible trumpet blast.

“It’s not just the destruction of the tomb of some dead dictator. It’s a reminder that we are still living with his legacy and that the bloodshed and chaos he unleashed is building all around us.

“In a sense, the Fifth Trumpet may still be sounding.”

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