Jen Psaki, spokeswoman for the State Department, said on “The Kelly File” on Fox News the prisoner exchange President Obama and his team orchestrated for Bowe Bergdahl was “absolutely” worth it, suggesting they would do it again.

She made the statements shortly after the Army announced Bergdahl was going to be charged with desertion, as WND previously reported.

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Psaki’s statement to host Megyn Kelly: “Was it worth it? Absolutely. We have a commitment to our men and women serving overseas, or in our military, defending our national security every day, that we will do everything we can to bring them home, and that’s what we did in this case.”

Her statements also come just hours after Fox News reported three of the five Gitmo prisoners who were exchanged for Bergdahl have tried to make contact with known terror group members on the Internet.

Toward that, Psaki waxed positive, saying the only reason that information is known is because the United States is doing such a good job tracking the former inmates’ movements.

“We have the ability to track and work with the Qataris, we know that individuals were reportedly online and engaging with individuals they shouldn’t be,” she said, The Hill reported. “Because we track it. It means the system of tracking works.”

Obama signed off on the exchange of Bergdahl for five Taliban prisoners early last year – a highly contested move that critics charged would see dangerous Guantanamo Bay detainees return to their terror-tied lives. Critics also said Bergdahl’s capture by members of the Taliban occurred under curious circumstances – an accusation that seems to bear out, given the Army’s recent announcement.

On Fox, Psaki avoided addressing a previous statement from national security adviser Susan Rice, who referred to Bergdahl shortly after his release as serving with “honor and distinction.”


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