WASHINGTON – Most Christians agree Jesus is coming back some day.

But what form will that return take?

Will believers just be spontaneously “raptured” into heaven like the movies and best-selling novels depict?

How will Jesus judge individuals and the nations?

What role will the modern nation of Israel have in His return?

Those are some of the topics in a groundbreaking new book by New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson provocatively titled, “When a Jew Rules the World: What the Bible Really Says About Israel in the Plan of God.”

There’s only one conclusion you can draw by taking the prophecies of the Bible literally, says Richardson. It may be quite shocking to many who call themselves Christians: Someday soon, a Jew named Yeshua – or Jesus, as He’s known in the West – will rule the world from Jerusalem.

In “When a Jew Rules the World,” Richardson paints a vivid picture of what a 1,000-year reign will be like, along the way blow-torching the notion that Gentile Christians have “replaced” the Jews and Israel as the people of promise. Richardson lays out the tragic history of anti-Semitism within the church from the very beginning in what may be the most thorough repudiation of what has become known as “Replacement Theology,” or, as Richardson calls it, “Supersessionism.”

Joseph Farah, founder of and WND Books, calls ‘”When a Jew Rules the World’ one of the most important books of our time – a chance for Christians to rediscover their true identity as fellow heirs of promise with the House of Israel, the wild olive branches grafted into the tree of the Abrahamic Covenant. The Apostle Paul explained how we are grafted into that tree. The tree is not dead. It hasn’t been uprooted. It’s still very much alive, as Richardson so masterfully demonstrates through scripture.”

WB277“I am as excited about this book as any I have ever been involved with – as either an author or publisher,” says Farah. “When Jesus came 2,000 years ago, many of His brethren didn’t recognize Him. He wasn’t what they were expecting. I think it is critically important that those expecting His return will recognize Him. This book will be a much-needed prophetic wake-up call to most of the church.”

Richardson is best known as the New York Times bestselling author of “The Islamic Antichrist” and its sequel “Mideast Beast.” More recently, he was the inspiration behind the documentary movie, “End Times Eyewitness,” in which he went on location in the Middle East to film the upheaval of the so-called “Arab Spring,” conduct interviews with persecuted Christians and pastors and meet with Islamic scholars who compare their eschatology with what the Bible predicts about the Second Coming.

“Richardson is a breath of fresh air within the Bible prophecy community and has broken new ground by simply going back to the Bible with a literal view toward what it says about the last days, rather than recycling the teachings of men,” said Farah. “It was, after all, the teachings of men that so confused the people of Israel in the time of Jesus-Yeshua. Richardson’s books and movies get us right back to the unadulterated Word of God.”

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