The feds’ plan to force vaccines on adults

By Lee Hieb, M.D.

Its hard writing this in the dark, under the covers, curled up in a fetal position. I’m trying to deny reality, but my head is about to explode. Liberty has been slipping through our American fingers like sand for the last several decades. But in the last week it began flowing away like the Mississippi River.

In the last several years we have seen nationalizing of all student loans – I even have to fill out a federal financial statement for a no-repay academic scholarship my son receives from a private college. We’ve seen banning of homemade lunches, banning of bake sales and outlawing of Thomas Edison’s light bulb. We are no longer free to sell homegrown produce without state intervention, and in my great agricultural state of Iowa raw milk is illegal. (And it’s a federal offense to bring it in from Nebraska!) We have businessmen in jail for importing the wrong subspecies of crustacean, and doctors in jail for choosing the wrong billing code from the 2-inch-thick book of options.

But in the last several months – indeed in the last weeks – there has been a literal torrent of new assaults on our liberty: In November 2014, the G20 countries redefined your money in the bank as something other than money. Therefore, in a banking collapse, you are not really insured and will be last in line behind the big derivative bailouts. Then, Obama used his pen and phone technique to ban 5.56 ammunition. Of course, he just stuck his toe in the water to see what happened, and since he apparently got away with it, nothing prevents him from banning 45s or SUVs or tanning booths, or anything else he despises. But the one that has me totally exercised is the recent position paper by the Department of Health and Human Services, “National Adult Immunization Plan” published Feb 5, 2015.

March 9, 2015, was the last day for public comment about a “Draft National Adult Immunization Plan” – a proposal by the orchestrators of Obamacare to forcibly vaccinate all adult Americans. It sounds very benign on the surface – they do not use the word force or coercion. They say in the prologue:

The NAIP is a five-year national plan. As a national plan, it will require engagement from a wide range of stakeholders to achieve its full vision. The plan emphasizes collaboration and prioritization of efforts that will have the greatest impact. The NAIP also aims to leverage the unique opportunity presented by the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The NAIP is intended to facilitate coordinated action by federal and nonfederal partners to protect public health and achieve optimal prevention of infectious diseases and their consequences through vaccination of adults.

Is it just my sense of irony or is it a signal to fellow travelers that this is a “Five-year Plan”? Did they hire old Soviet central planners or come up with this all on their own? Anyway, the folks at HHS fully admit this is possible only through the implementation of the ACA, which we are learning is an unaffordable care act but one that allows data collection on every patient of every doctor who accepts federal funding.

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Now, I have written several articles outlining my scientific concerns over vaccination. We can have an honest discussion over the science – although so far the critics of my papers have never done so, rather resorting to name-calling and wild pot shots. I still await any actual scientific refutation of my concerns. The closest came with one commentator who cited the falling deaths from childhood diseases, but he failed to examine the entire historical data, which show that over 90 percent of the fall in these diseases occurred before widespread vaccination was adopted. And he fails to note the other factors (Vitamin A and D levels, avoidance of anti-pyretic drugs) that may alter outcomes – it’s not just the vaccination rate.

And I have made the point that the pro-forced vaccination crowd are generally also the pro Roe v. Wade crowd – and you can’t have both. You cannot scream for a “woman’s right to choose” when it applies to abortion but give her no right to choose what gets administered to her in a syringe. The answer I received was this, “Dr. Hieb, you ignoramus” (OK, maybe he didn’t quite say it that way, but I could hear it between the lines), “you know that abortion is a private issue and vaccination is an issue of public health!”

Let me be clear. Public health does not trump individual liberty. End of story.

If you believe the opposite, you can ethically condone forced sterilization, because it improves the health and wholeness of the body politic. Think I’m exaggerating? Between 1897 and 1909 forced sterilization of mentally handicapped was approved into law in Michigan Indiana, Pennsylvania, Washington and, of course, California. And in 1927 such acts were deemed by the Supreme Court “constitutional.” No lesser light than Oliver Wendell Holmes himself justified the decision by saying, “It is better for all the world if, instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind.”

After the atrocities of the Holocaust, Americans briefly got a conscience about such things and reversed the policies of forced sterilization. But with time, creeping socialism and collective amnesia, old habits and human moral frailties resurfaced so that between 1973-1976 thousands of Native American women were sterilized without their consent by government physicians. And as late as 2010, in California, female inmates were sterilized involuntarily. Of course, these things always are done in the name of society or public health. When Ezekiel Emanuel proposes withholding money for medical care of the elderly he does so in the name of fairness – of using the money wisely, yada yada. We’ve heard this all so many times in so many guises.

Now it is vaccination. And the government toadies are banging the tocsin of Big Pharma that it is in the national social interest that every person be vaccinated against virtually everything. In spite of the recent admission by the CDC that this year the influenza vaccine is only 18 percent effective (I think less based on FDA reports), that vaccine is included in the mandatory slurry that will soon be administered to every adult – if the feds have their way. (By the way, I am not discussing the money-to-Big-Pharma motive, which is really driving the vaccination bus, as this is the subject of another column.)

So, to the point. Like everything else that’s truly important, it is very simple: If you Americans do not stand against this, it’s over. What liberty do you have if the federal government can force you to have a medical procedure, can force you to surrender your very body to their control? Answer: none. Because there is nothing that cannot be justified on the basis of “the good of society.” The Jewish Holocaust, the Great Leap Forward, the killing of the Kulaks, American Eugenics, Tuskegee experimentation, the cold water experiments of Birkenau, Dachau and Auschwitz, all were justified at the time by their respective leaders as for the good of society. Even doctors start believing that they can determine who should die or be sterilized for the good of the whole society. And if you as a doctor have qualms, it is much easier to just throw up your hands and say you have no choice – it’s a government mandate.

The position paper of the Department of Health and Human Services refers repeatedly to consulting the multiple “stakeholders” involved in vaccination decisions: “synergies between state, local, territorial, and tribal governments; health care providers; advocacy groups; vaccine manufacturers; academia and research organizations; payers and health plans; employers; and the general public.” They even cite the military. But, who is the real stakeholder? It is you. There is no “general public” when it comes to decisions about your personal health. No one cares more about the risks versus benefits of vaccination than you do personally. To leave it to a group, to treat you as a member of a group for medical care, is not ethical medicine. It is the stuff of jails and forced labor camps and socialist hellholes – and apparently American academia and bureaucrats. It is time to say no. Although he was probably confused at the time, I’ll quote Al Sharpton: “Resists we much.”

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