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With friends like this …

You know it’s bad when the best case against Obamatrade, the president’s latest power grab, is being made by its supporters.

Obama says he wants Congress to give him fast-track “trade promotion authority” so he can “write the rules for the world’s economy.”

That should be reason enough to oppose it – Obama can’t write the rules for a school lunch menu let alone the entire world’s economy.

Mitch McConnell admits giving Obama fast-track trade promotion authority would be “an enormous grant of power, obviously, from a Republican Congress to a Democratic president.”

Yet Sen. McConnell is on board with Obama’s rule-writing jihad, saying, “It seems like we agree with the president.”

If you want further evidence of what the White House is up to with the deal it has deceptively labeled as “free trade,” the White House is happy to provide it. It tells us the TransPacific Partnership is “the most progressive trade deal in history.” It will establish minimum wages, workplace regulation, environmental regulation and Internet regulation, enforceable on a global scale, they say. It even has an entire chapter of immigration rules, written entirely at the president’s whim.

Furthermore, the White House National Security adviser says Obamatrade is imperative to advance the president’s national security agenda. That is not reassuring.

Yet Rep. Paul Ryan wants to strip Congress of its constitutional powers to check this out-of-control executive and put Obama’s world wide web of regulations and foreign entanglements on the fast track. Ryan says it’s his top priority as chairman of the powerful Ways and Means committee.

Why do people who should know better swallow whatever swill is in the bottle if you slap the label “free trade” on it?

Some self-described free-market libertarians tie themselves in knots to defend Obamatrade even as its proponent-in-chief blatantly admits it will impose more controls on the economy.

These free marketeers say Obamatrade means more labor and environmental rules – and support it since it’s labeled “free trade.”

They say it will hurt Americans and reward cronies who got in bed with the White House on Obamacare – and support it since it’s labeled “free trade.”

They say it will do nothing for the vast majority of Americans who work for a living – and support it since it’s labeled “free trade.”

All the evidence shows that Obamatrade is “a vehicle for special interest handouts,” managed trade for crony capitalists, and a system of global economic regulation. But these otherwise intelligent people support it simply because it’s called “free trade,” though, in fact, it is nothing of the sort.

If you want to know why to oppose Obamatrade, listen to what its supporters say about it.

Don’t be taken in by the Mighty Oz of “Free Trade.” Pay attention to the man behind the curtain, Barack Hussein Obama.

Tell Congress to say No to Obamatrade.