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ABC, CBS: Just 45 seconds on Clinton Foundation 'mistakes'

(NEWSBUSTERS) — ABC and CBS on Monday allowed a mere 45 seconds combined to the admission of “mistakes” by the Clinton Foundation in improperly filing taxes for years. The two hour-long Good Morning America managed a scant 20 seconds, but over three minutes to Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey being killed off his show. Not exactly the most pressing topic.

News reader Amy Robach allowed, “Well, the head of the Clinton Foundation is acknowledging the charity made mistakes in the way it reported donations from foreign governments.” After noting that the foundation will be re-filing five years worth of tax forms because “it mistakenly combined government grants with private donors,” Robach assured, “The acting CEO is reaffirming the foundation’s commitment to transparency.”

CBS This Morning did slightly better, managing 25 seconds out of an available two hours. In contrast, the show devoted over five minutes to a new book about “lessons in love from a wedding reporter.”