In the latest eruption between “gay” activists and Christians over religious liberty, a Florida bakery is calling a biblically based message a former pastor and a social media personality asked to have written on a cake an expression of “hate.”

Sharon Haller, owner of Cut the Cake in Longwood, Fla., told ClickOrlando that Joshua Feuerstein called her shop and asked for a sheet cake that said, “We do not support gay marriage.”

And she posted a video online documenting the request.

The video first had been posted online by Feuerstein, but he took it down when the bakery asked him to. Then the bakery posted it online.

The fight concerns the legitimacy of claims by LGBT activists that Christian bakers, photographers and others who choose not to participate in same-sex weddings are discriminating against them. Yet several times bakers who approve of homosexuality have flatly refused to do business when a biblical message is involved.

It was just a week ago that state officials in Colorado formalized the double standard.

Sign the petition in support of ordinances that allow Christian business owners to live by their faith.

There, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruled that three bakeries in Colorado asked by Bill Jack to sell him a cake with the words, “God hates sin – Psalm 45:7” and “Homosexuality is a detestable sin – Leviticus 18:22,” did not have to do so, and that their refusal was not discriminatory.

Yet, at the same time, the same state commission ruled that for a Christian baker to decline to participate in a same-sex wedding event was discriminatory.

Multiple media accounts have identified Colorado’s actions as a “double standard.”

See the Florida video:

Read the Big List of Christian Coercion about a multitude of cases where Christians have been fined, threatened and penalized for declining to support or participate in same-sex weddings.

The dispute erupted into a firestorm a little more than a week ago in Indiana when lawmakers approved a Religious Freedom Restoration Act that would allow business owners to cite their faith as a defense if someone complained of discrimination.

The LGBT outrage that followed forced lawmakers and the governor to backtrack and install special protections specifically for “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in state law, instead of protections for religious business operators.

The same thing happened in Arkansas, except the demands from “gay” activists came before the law was signed, so it was changed at that point.

The video reveals Feuerstein asking for a sheet cake with the words, “We do not support gay marriage.”

The respondent at the bakery said the bakery would refuse to do it.

Feuerstein said in the video, “For me, this is not about gay people; it’s about religious freedom.”

He continued, “I wanted to see if it was actually a double standard; if a gay-friendly bakery and one that advertised themselves as so on pro-LGBT wedding sites would actually bake a cake that went against their principles.”

Feuerstein later told WESH 2 Television, “You know what, I actually believe that Cut the Cake has every right as an American to refuse to print that on a cake.”

Haller complained of “nasty” phone calls and “negative gestures.” She said she lost money and was investigating her legal options, noting that the recorded phone call is illegal in Florida. According to Lifesite, Haller said she had reached out to the FBI regarding a possible criminal case.

“I’m just afraid because of the type of calls that we were getting that someone is going to attack me in my home,” Haller told News 13. Online, the bakery asked for help, “Please help put a stop to people like Joshua Feuerstein.”

Sign the petition in support of ordinances that allow Christian business owners to live by their faith.

Feuerstein said he didn’t intend harassment, and that’s why he took the video offline as soon as he found out. Then, however, Haller re-posted it.

The results of Feuerstein’s experiment are the same as that produced by Theodore Shoebat from just a few months ago.

WND reported that Shoebat, on the website, which more often deals with Islam and jihad, wrote, “Christian bakeries that refuse to make pro-homosexual marriage cakes are getting sued left, right, and center. They get fined, they get death threats, and they lose their businesses.”

But when he contacted 13 prominent pro-gay bakers and ask them to make a cake with the message, “Gay marriage is wrong,” they refused.

“Each one denied us service, and even used deviant insults and obscenities against us,” he said.

“One baker even said that she would make me a cookie with a large phallus on it just to insult us because we are Christian. We recorded all of this in a video that will stun the American people as to how militant and intolerant the homosexual bakers were,” said Shoebat.

Shoebat said that after the experiment, he received “a ton of hate messages saying that we were ‘hateful’ for simply giving them a taste of their own medicine.”

“Here is our point. A Christian making a homosexual cake with ‘Support Gay Marriage’ goes against his faith, and a homosexual putting ‘Gay Marriage Is Wrong’ goes against his faith as well,” Shoebat wrote. “Now of course we honor their right to say no; this is not the issue, but what about honoring the Christian’s right to also say no?”

See Shoebat’s video reports (Be forewarned about profane, objectionable speech):

Part one:

Part two:

WND has compiled the Big List of Christian Coercion including nearly two dozen cases where Christians have been penalized, threatened or intimidated for declining to support same-sex marriage or the LGBT agenda.

Those include Memories Pizza in Indiana, the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, Liberty Ridge Farm, Masterpiece Cakeshop, Hitching Post Wedding Chapel, Arlene’s Flowers, the Benham Brothers, Elane’s Photography, and many more.

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