Bachmann: Obama calling down curses on America

By Bob Unruh


A former member of Congress is warning that the biblical promises of God’s blessings for those who bless Israel and curses for those who don’t are relevant today, meaning President Obama’s actions could produce problems for America.

“If we actually turn our back on Israel, as we are seeing Barack Obama doing today, if that happens, then I think we will see a scale and level of pushback in the United States, negative consequences,” said former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., in a recent interview with Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries on her “Understanding the End Times” radio program.

“I don’t know what they are, but I believe the Bible is true,” she said. “And I believe what the Bible says is that our nation and the people of our nation will reap a whirlwind, and we could see economic disaster, natural disaster. The U.S. does not want to be in that position.

“Unfortunately, the people put in office Barack Obama, not only once, but twice. The people have to rise up against his actions and demand their leaders take steps accordingly,” she said

Obama in 2008, for example, exhibited a “hysterical, paranoid reaction” to President Bush’s remarks to the Israeli Knesset against appeasing terrorists.

Limbaugh wrote: “Obama shouted: ‘I’m a strong believer in bipartisan foreign policy, but that cause is not served with dishonest, divisive attacks of the sort that we’ve seen out of George Bush and John McCain over the last couple days. They aren’t telling you the truth.'”

In just the last few weeks, Obama’s administration rejected a plea from Israel that that nation’s right to exist be acknowledged in any nuclear agreement with Iran; abruptly declassified Israel’s nuclear program secrets, revealing never-before released details about the Jewish state’s defenses to its enemies; publicly indicated America’s abandonment of Israel by suggesting it would no longer defend Israel in the United Nations; and prompted Hollywood star Jon Voight to declare: “President Obama does not love Israel. His whole agenda is to control Israel. And this way, he can be friends with all of Israel’s enemies.”

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Part of Bachmann’s interview:

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Bachmann said Obama pursues “one of the most radical ideologies of anyone ever to occupy the White House.”

“He embraces the ideas of an economic Marxist who believes in full redistribution of wealth,” she said. “He also embraces the world view, when it comes to foreign policy, of a one-world point of view, where he is not concerned about U.S. sovereignty. He’s very willing to see the U.S. power flow into world organizations.”

And when it comes to the tiny democracy in the Middle East: “His view is very anti-Israel. We’ve never seen that before.

“The reason why, Jan, you and I are talking about this is we take as true what the Bible says in Genesis about Israel and nations’ response to Israel. We recognize we have been singularly blessed in the United States because of the way the United States has blessed Israel over and over since 1948,” she said.

But she said the consequences for America of following Obama’s lead could be “severe.”

“If the United States turns its back on Israel as our president is doing today, in my opinion, we cannot continue to indulge in the fantasy that the United States will be free from receiving the negative consequences, or curses in biblical parlance, that could come our way.”

More of Bachmann’s interview:

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She also took issue with Obama’s claim that Iran’s “supreme leader” had issued a “fatwa,” or religious ruling, barring Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

“There never has been a fatwa; nobody’s ever heard it or seen it,” she said. “It reveals our president is as ignorant of Islamic scripture as he is of Islamic history. Or he’s lying to American people. We don’t know which it is.”

She told Markell the good news is that the times are “exciting” for Christians.

“We can talk about God’s time clock and Jesus Christ’s return is imminent. Is there anything more important?” she said. “We need to be so on fire about the things of Christ and the things of God. That needs to occupy our time and thoughts from morning to night.”

WND reported earlier on the nuclear “framework agreement” between the U.S. and its allies and Iran, committing the two sides to a June 30 deadline for a final agreement.

The components, still being debated, include the relief of sanctions against Iran and its production of nuclear fuel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the framework agreement threatens the survival of Israel and legitimizes Iran’s nuclear program, adding that it “would not block Iran’s path to the bomb (but) would pave it.”

“Such a deal would increase the risks of nuclear proliferation in the region and the risks of a horrific war,” he said.

See Jan Markell’s work with Holocaust survivor Anita Dittman, in the book and movie, both called “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell.”

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