Ben Carson

Ben Carson hasn’t yet announced a run for the presidency, but he’s making the rounds and even winning hearts and minds at the National Action Network’s annual convention, an affair run by Rev. Al Sharpton and his very liberal supporters.

Sharpton introduced Carson as someone with whom he nearly always disagrees, calming the crowd’s initial negative response to the renowned neurosurgeon’s presence with humor.

A.R. Bernard, a senior pastor and founder of the Christian Cultural Center church in Brooklyn, and a political bigwig in the city, also stepped forward to label Carson “a leader” worthy of the NAA’s embrace.

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“After 36 years of pastoring in New York City,” he said, the Christian Post reported, “I discovered there are four things God wants from a man: maturity, decisiveness, consistency and strength. After 43 years of marriage, I’ve discovered there are four things women want from a man: maturity, decisiveness, consistency and strength. I also discovered that the four things that men struggle with in life are: maturity, decisiveness, consistency and strength.”

However, he concluded, this is where Carson shines.

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“But what I really discovered is that these are the qualities that people look for in a leader,” he said. “Dr. Carson is one of those leaders.”

At the conclusion of Carson’s speech, at least one NAA crowd member who wasn’t a supporter said he would switch sides.

“He’s got my vote,” New Jersey’s Clayton Young said, the Christian Post reported.

Carson has said he will make a decision about a presidential run by May. In the meantime, has been out and about, making speeches, conducting interviews and generally feeling his way toward a run.

Among Carson’s remarks at the NAA event: “You know, America remains a place of dreams. You have a lot of people with dreams who are trying to get into this country. Not too many people trying to get out of here, so that means it’s still a pretty good place.”


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