Black man helps white woman, black mob ‘retaliates’

By Cheryl Chumley

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Customer Mary Fuller was so scared by the unruly teens flashing gang signs and raising a “ruckus” in the parking lot of the BP gas station in Memphis, Tennessee, that she expressed her fears to a complete stranger, who offered to walk the elderly white woman outside to her car.

“I said, ‘I don’t know if I ought to walk out of here or not, because they’re still fighting,'” Fuller told WMC-TV. “He said, ‘It’s not a problem. I’ll take care of this.'”

The man she confided in was Orrden Williams, who had gone to the gas station to use the ATM.

Williams“I put my arms around her, told her it would be OK, and walked her out of the store,” Williams, who is black, told the TV station.

Fuller says an irate Williams admonished and “hollered” at the group of black teens to settle down.

“I guess they thought, ‘I’ll show him,'” she explained.

Seconds after Williams ushered Fuller safely into her car, one of the students sucker-punched him in the back of the head. Others then joined in, kicking and punching him as he fled to his minivan, where his fiancee, toddler son and 4-month-old baby were waiting. Police reported he suffered bruises on his upper body, but his baby was unharmed. His vehicle, however, was damaged in the attack.

“They don’t care about human beings,” Fuller added. “If I hadn’t been in the car, they’d have soon got me.”

The video shows participants smiling broadly and raising their arms, as if to cheer.

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“I was really scared they were going to hurt him,” Williams’ fiancee, Porscha Humphreys, told the TV station. “When he came to the car, I fumbled trying to get the car started.”

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Williams said the mob was swinging just inches above his son’s head.

“This was a terrorist act,” said Williams. “This is a civilized society. We have no place for this.”

The Memphis Police Department has since increased its presence at the gas station, where teens from Northwest Prep Academy, which is described as a reform school for troubled youth, gather in the mornings and afternoons while waiting for the bus. Police have responded called to the gas station 43 times in the past year, reports WMC-TV.

A gas-station employee says fighting and threats happen “every day.”

“Fifty-five or 45 kids sometimes,” the employee added.

“If someone doesn’t stop them, they are going to hurt someone seriously.”

Williams said he wants to press charges if police are able to identify those involved in the attack.

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