Bobby Jindal warns: No ‘special rights’ for ‘gays’

By Cheryl Chumley

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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, one of the GOP’s talked-about candidates for president in 2016, says it’s great to have tolerance for homosexuals, but America needs to be careful not to create a special class of people with special legal rights.

“The good news is our society is moving in a direction of more tolerance,” he said, Mediaite reported. “My concern about creating special legal protections is historically in our country, we have only done that in extraordinary circumstances. It doesn’t appear to me we’re in one of those moments today.”

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Jindal and state legislators are mulling over a provision that’s similar to what Indiana passed, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. But critics call such bills discriminatory against homosexuals, though supporters say the measures only reinforce what the First Amendment protects.

Jindal didn’t speak directly to the specifics of his state’s forthcoming bill. But he cautioned critics to tread carefully.

“I have faith and confidence in the people in America and the people of New Orleans and the people of Louisiana to not tolerate discrimination, to not support businesses that want to support discrimination,” he said. “So absolutely we need to have a society where we’re not discriminating against people. I do think we need to be very careful about creating special rights.”

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