An Egyptian television personality sent Israel some strong signs of support for any possible Jewish state move that could lead to an attack on Iran, telling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bluntly: Go ahead and bomb.

Netanyahu cut a video segment in English to lay out Israel’s objections to the looming nuclear deal between President Obama and Iran. In it, he said: “In the last few days, Iran has shown again why it can’t be trusted.”

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Egypt’s Tawfik Okasha reacted to the statement and to the ongoing U.S.-Tehran discussions on national television, first calling Netanyahu “our dear friend” and then pressing Israel to take out the Bushehr nuclear reactor, CBN reported.

“Put your trust in God and bomb it,” Okasha said, CBN reported. “We are with you and if you need fuel for the jets, we will give it to you.”

Netanyahu has been sounding the alarm on Iran’s nuclear development program for years. Most recently, he has come forward to call the pact that’s being cut by the United States, United Kingdom, France, China, Russia and Germany – the P5+1 – a “bad deal” that ought to be halted.

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Among his concerns: Iran wants an immediate halt to all sanctions but won’t allow “effective inspections of all its suspect facilities,” he said.

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