Franklin Graham: Halt Muslim immigration

By Cheryl Chumley

Rev. Franklin Graham
Rev. Franklin Graham

Rev. Franklin Graham put out a powerful tweet that conveyed two huge policy needs in just a few short words: America should take up arms against ISIS and U.S. immigration officers should keep out all Muslims from countries with ties to terror, he said.

His exact tweet: “Our govt needs to halt all immigration of Muslims from countries that have active terrorist cells & take military action to defeat ISIS.”

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It’s since received more than 1,100 favorites and 600 retweets.

The response was overwhelmingly in favor of his words – though some were critical.

One wrote: “@Franklin_Graham — Is this Gospel or politics?”

And another: “This kind of discriminatory statement is so sad.”

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But most agreed with Graham.

“I have to agree,” tweeted one. “Many won’t. Before it gets its claws in too far. Too much going on that was predicted.”

And another, bluntly: “Absolutely!”

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