Remember the movie made back in 1993 starring Bill Murray called “Groundhog Day”? It was about a weatherman who kept living the same day over and over again, and he couldn’t escape. Murray was perfect in his portrayal of a man who went from confused to frustrated to bored to suicidal all because he was caught up in a time loop. Well, I’m beginning to feel like I’m caught in a time loop with Hillary announcing her (surprise!) run for the presidency.

It isn’t like we haven’t seen all of this before. She has had her eye on the presidency ever since she teamed up with Bill Clinton eons ago. Their political blueprint seemed to be going as planned with Bill in the White House for eight years, and then with her stint as senator. The plan got sidetracked in 2008 when she just assumed, as she is doing again, that she was going to waltz her way into the presidency with no problem. Unfortunately for her, Barack Obama came out of nowhere and pushed her out of the spotlight while he stepped into the Oval Office.

You’ve got to hand it to the Clintons; they don’t give up. They will continue to keep their eye on the presidency no matter what they have to do or who they have to do it to. The only problem is they are trying to sell the American people something that was last year’s model, something that has outlived its shelf life, something with slightly faded packaging that once again is being brought out and dusted off. We’ve seen this product before, and no matter how hard they try, we know it is still the same.

The American people have to “buy” Hillary Clinton. They have to buy into her pitch and believe her promises and then ultimately lay their money down and bet that she will do what she says. Therein lies the problem. Everyone already knows who Hillary is. They know that she lies, obfuscates and deceives. Those of us who are older and lived through the first Clinton administration know that those years were a soap opera and daytime reality show with scandal after scandal hitting us every day. The millennial generation was too young to remember, but now they have had a dose of Hillary with Benghazi and her strident “what difference does it make” testimony, along with the disappearing emails and private-server disaster.

There is no doubt that the die-hard lovers of Hillary will stand by her and apologize for her. They will try to convince Democratic and Independent voters that her time has come and she deserves this. After all, look what she has done for the American people and for her country. Blah, blah, blah. If anyone had the guts, they would ask, “Oh really? And just what has she done? Name one achievement she has accomplished as senator or secretary of state.” Not something she has done to further her political agenda, but something that made this country or the world a significantly better place. Gotcha.

Hillary Clinton has an uphill battle to win the nomination and ultimately the presidency. First of all, she can’t shake Barack Obama who will be like a shadow lurking behind her. No matter how she spins it, she will be seen as Obama’s third term. Do the American people want another four or, God forbid, eight years of failed foreign policy, skyrocketing debt, open borders, Obamacare, etc.? Some do, but the latest polls show that Obama is a disaster, and she will have to walk a tightrope to be seen as different.

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Secondly, she is not her husband. God bless him, Bill Clinton is just like the puppy who made a mistake and looks at you with that “please forgive me, I didn’t mean it” look that you just melt for. He can get a pass on anything and can make people believe and buy whatever he is selling. No matter what he has done, people like him, but they don’t feel the same way about her. She comes across as cold and elitist, and she isn’t a good enough actress to fake the sincerity needed to connect with the people. She can try going to the heartland and mingling with the “little people,” but once back inside her van the false front will fall away. Would you really want to just shoot the breeze with Hillary over a cold beer? I don’t think so.

Thirdly, this is a different era than when the Clintons were last running the show. People want new and shiny, they want razzle-dazzle and sex appeal. As Obama said, “They want that new car smell.” Hillary does not have any of that, and it will become more and more obvious the more she speaks. As we have seen with her recent press conferences, she gets testy with anyone who dares to question her, and even though the press will be on her side, someone eventually will trip her up and the real “Hil” will emerge.

People know who she is and will not be as willing to buy into her slogans that she is “looking out for the average folks” – since they all know that she is a multi-millionaire and gets hundreds of thousands of dollars for speaking engagements. The American people know that the Clintons don’t identify with “average” people. All one has to do is go by the supermarket checkout stand and see this month’s magazine covers with Chelsea gracing the latest issue of Elle and Bill on Town and Country. Yep, that sure brings them to the “average” level. Sure, there have been millionaire presidents before, but they all had something the American people connected to, and most of them had not been in our faces for 20-plus years.

It will be interesting to see who jumps into the race to try and pull an “Obama.” If Jim Webb decides to run, he might make things interesting because he has a genuine quality and a down to earth manner that the Democratic Party has largely lost. Most of the others, like Elizabeth Warren, use theatrics to bash the rich while counting their own millions. People are beginning to see the hypocrisy.

I keep thinking someone, somewhere will emerge on both sides of the aisle that will be fresh and new and offer some real leadership, someone who will say what they mean and back it up. If the contest turns out to be another Bush/Clinton match-up, however, it will be the same old thing once again – and we’ll all be living “Groundhog Day” for real.

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