(Editor’s note: This is Part 1 of a two-part series on the Obama administration’s deadly and failed strategies in the Middle East.)

You’ve seen people enabling other’s bad behavior, whatever the unhealthy pattern or addiction. But what happens when the enabler is one of the most powerful nations on the earth and the disastrous outcome could be as great as an apocalypse?

Any student of the Middle East knows that it would only take a spark to ignite World War III. I’ve sat back many times over the last few years and thought, “Is the U.S. providing the flint?” Instead of the U.S. throwing a bucket of water on Middle East embers, the Obama administration continues to pack the powder keg through its many failed strategies.

There isn’t a single situation in or around the Middle East that the Obama administration’s so-called solutions haven’t turned detrimental or deadly. From the endorsement of the Arab Spring and rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to the devastating blunders in Benghazi, U.S. passiveness in Syria, and the untimely and wrongly handled withdraws of American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, the White House has increased U.S. disdain and Muslim extremism.

Chief among the failures is Obama’s epic abandonment of our chief ally and friend in the region, Israel. His refusal to back the Jewish nation against Iran and even meet with its wise and courageous prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has only jeopardized Israel’s security. Enabling a nuclear Iran is the epitome of Obama’s failed international policy.

And what is Iran’s response to the great U.S-Iran nuclear deal? No deal, at least yet, with all the cards still sitting in the hands of the Islamic country’s leaders. They have called for sanctions to be completely lifted and more centrifuges to process uranium before they ever call it good.

And to show their gratitude for global endorsement of their nuclear capabilities, just last Friday, the commander of Iran’s ground forces, Brig. Gen. Ahmad Reza Pourdastan, accused the United States of creating the barbaric Islamic State, Boko Haram and al-Nusrah terrorist groups.

In addition, just last week, Iran reiterated its deal with Moscow to obtain Russian S-3000 air defense missiles, which are designed to detect and destroy ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and aircraft at low altitude. In fact, Russia proceeded with their Iranian missile delivery exactly because of America’s nuclear deal with Iran.

As Yahoo news reported, “Moscow said progress in nuclear talks between Iran and world powers meant there was no longer a need for Russia to prohibit exporting the surface-to-air missiles to Tehran.”

What’s wrong with this picture?

Of course, Israel has condemned both Washington and Moscow’s deals with Iran. The Israeli cabinet is united in opposing this deal. Why? As Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote, “Because the deal was made without taking into account the existential threat to Israel posed by Iran. The deal also increases the risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. It could spark an arms race with the Sunni states.”

Above all tragedies is how we increase the risk for a second Holocaust of the Jews via handing Iran a free pass for nuclear power. Everyone on Israel’s cabinet rejects the U.S. making nuclear deals with Iran. And why wouldn’t they? Would you sit back and allow your greatest enemy, one that wants you vanquished from the planet, at roughly only 900 miles away – the distance between Los Angeles and Portland – greater firepower and capability to build nuclear bombs?

Again, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded, “Iran openly calls for Israel’s annihilation and works towards this end. Israel will not accept a deal which provides nuclear weapons to a country that vows to destroy us. Israel demands that any final agreement with Iran will include a clear recognition of Israel’s right to exist.”

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs concludes: “Twenty years ago, when a similar deal was signed with North Korea, the same promises were made that this was a deal that would prevent North Korea from obtaining nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, following that deal, North Korea conducted nuclear tests. This deal lifts the pressure of sanctions off Iran and at the same time enables it to keep all the components of its nuclear program. Billions of dollars will flow into the Iranians coffers not for schools or hospitals or roads, but to pump up Iran’s terror machine throughout the world and its military machine that is now engaged in conquest throughout the Middle East – in Iraq, in Syria, in Yemen, around the borders of Israel and elsewhere.”

That is why Henry Schwartz, founder of EMPact America, was correct in warning Israel that the Obama administration has become “effectively an enemy” of Israel. “America is not going to be here to take care of Israel; it can’t take care of itself,” he said, adding that the Jewish state must “prepare for Armageddon.”

In the Newsweek article, “Apocalypse not quiet yet,” Aaron David Miller from the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, concluded: “[In the past in the Middle East,] What kept people in line was tyranny. Some dictators may have been ‘acquiescent’ in the eyes of the West, like Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, or ‘adversarial’ like the Assads. … we are at one of those hinges of history when profound changes are taking place that we are singularly ill-equipped to understand. ”

(Next week in Part 2, I will describe exactly how the White House is playing into the eschatology plans of ISIS and particularly its view of the apocalypse.)

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