Is World War III coming soon?

By Leo Hohmann


A growing list of commentators, politicians and religious leaders appear to sense something big, something ominous, is hiding around the corner.

Is this just foolish speculation, or are they onto something?

Carl Gallups, a longtime Baptist pastor and radio host, has taken a serious look at the issue in his new book, “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation.” The book is getting lots of play on Amazon, cracking its top 100 bestseller list, which may say something about the amount of interest in this topic.

final_warning_bkcoverGallups posits that the first five trumpet blasts of Revelation may have already occurred. If that is the case, the sixth trumpet, a world war that kills millions, could be knocking at the door.

Gallups said he did not write the book to scare people, nor does he claim any inside knowledge of God’s prophetic timetable.

Rather, his intent was to stimulate discussion and awaken the sleeping Christian church to the possibility that the return of Jesus Christ may be near. Because if it is, there are myriad scriptures that warn the brethren to be prepared, not to let the oil in their lamps run low like the parable Jesus told about the “foolish virgins.”

“Millions of people, including theologians and preachers, around the world see the same things I believe I am seeing,” Gallups told WND. “Current geopolitical events appear to be in the process of lining up with specific biblical prophecies, and especially those prophecies that contain key word definitions.”

Gallups explained what he meant by “key words.”

The sixth trumpet prophecy of Revelation Chapter 9 has long been viewed by many as a description of a massive war involving 200 million people occurring in the vicinity of the Euphrates River.

The war brings mass carnage, death and destruction to an area that Revelation 2:13 indicates is the seat of Satan’s earthly throne.

“The Euphrates River begins in Turkey and runs through Syria and Iraq. Those nations are major players in the Middle East upheaval of today and the main stomping grounds of ISIS,” Gallups said. “There are nearly 400 million Muslims living in the Middle East now. If a multinational war broke out in that area involving Iran, Russia, the U.S., Israel, North African nations, and possibly China – it is not hard to imagine at least 200 million people fighting a bloody war in the Middle East.”

Watch video clip below of Gallups on the trumpet blasts of Revelation:

[jwplayer DZd1yjq3]

Some of the others in the media, political and religious realms who have been talking about World War III recently include the following.

Radio host Mark Levin said, “I believe World War III has begun. And I believe we’re going to be attacked. You think we took out a building or a compound and that’s it, there is no more imminent threats against the United States? … This is why it’s immoral, it is unconscionable not to secure that southern border, and tighten it up really, really hard. And they won’t.”

Listen to clip of Levin’s full commentary on World War III below:

[jwplayer 4InoZfqV]

“So World War III has broken out. Just remember, World War I and World War II we weren’t initially involved in those wars in any significant way, but we were pulled in. And World War III has now broken open, in my humble opinion, the lead up to it.”

Pope Francis warned in September 2014 that a type of “piecemeal World War III” may have already begun with the current spate of crimes, massacres and destruction, the BBC reported.

“Even today, after the second failure of another world war, perhaps one can speak of a third war, one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres, destruction,” he said.

The pope went on to say the international community would be justified in using force to stop what he called “unjust aggression” by Islamic State militants, who have killed or displaced thousands of people in Iraq and Syria, including many Christians, the BBC reported.

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann told WND earlier this week that she believed the world’s nuclear pact with Iran, brokered by the Obama administration, “heralds World War III.”

Even though Obama and his supporters are hailing the deal as one that will bring a historic peace and security, Bachmann and others see it differently.

“This [deal] virtually guarantees, in my opinion, a World War III,” she said. “I think that alone would qualify Barack Obama for being the worst president that the United States has ever had to endure.”

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned that the Ukrainian crisis could evolve into World War III and, if it does, Vladimir Putin might find it “unavoidable” to launch Russian nuclear missiles.

Putin has also set the stage for a new world war by officially declaring that both NATO and the United States are the top threats to Russia.

In an interview with the German news magazine Der Spiegel, Mikhail Gorbachev claimed the recent NATO expansion in response to the Ukraine crisis represented a major change in direction for Western powers.

“The expansion of the bloc in the east [of Europe] has destroyed the European security order which was written in the Helsinki Final Act of 1975,” Gorbachev claimed. “[NATO’s expansion is] a 180-degree turn drawing us away from the Paris Charter of 1990, which was made together with all European states to finally leave the Cold War in the past.”

Former Ukrainian ambassador in Washington, Yuri Shcherbak, who authored the book “The Strategic Role of Ukraine,” also recently spoke out about the Ukraine’s unique potential as a flashpoint for World War III.

“This (U.S.-Russian conflict that’s being carried out in Ukraine) is a prelude to World War II. A lot of people know this,” Shcherbak told Ukraine’s Channel 5 television on Dec. 29 as reported by Global Research.

Glenn Beck, on his Feb. 16 radio show, said World War III is coming and “Nobody will recognize it yet.”

“Just like we were at the beginning of World War II when they invaded Poland, we are entering those times. We just don’t know it yet,” Beck said. “There is going to come a time when we will have no choice.”

The king of Jordan said last month he wanted to wage “World War III” on ISIS.

Speaking to CNN, King Abdullah implored all religions to come together, adding, “This is our war.”

He made a point of referring to the fight against the Islamic State as a “Third World War” and called upon all nations to come together to help counter the threat posed by the terrorist group since they conquered large swathes of Iraq and Syria.

Noah Beck, author of “The Last Israelis,” cited in an op-ed for the Christian Post that Obama’s secret nuclear talks with Iran will lead to World War III.

“Obama should know by now that if he forces Israel’s hand, then Israel alone will neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat, regardless of how messy the aftermath may be. Netanyahu – like any other responsible Israeli leader – would rather bring about World War III than the last Israelis.”

Many are talking about Iran or Syria triggering World War III in the Middle East. In fact, Iranian officials themselves were warning two years ago that World War III was coming, as WND reported.

“This can entail a chain of violence that may lead to World war III. A potential Israeli attack against Iran with an objective of destroying its scientific and nuclear facilities is sheer madness,” said Ali Ahani, Iran’s ambassador to France. “Its consequences are disastrous and uncontrollable.”

The rhetoric eerily matched that coming out of North Korea.

Deputy chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces, Brig. Gen. Masoud Jazayeri, warned the U.S. that Iran would continue its nuclear program.

“We would not trade off our rights,” he said, adding that Iran would stand with North Korea in its face-off with America.

Geopolitical analyst Joel Skousen has long warned that North Korea could be the flashpoint for a global conflagration.

“There has to be a reason why North Korea has been preserved. … It can only be because the globalists know that they are the puppets of China and that they will be the trigger,” Skousen said in a February 2014 interview with Alex Jones.

[jwplayer e4aVcrT5]

Being ‘watchful, not fearful’

Gallups told WND there must be a balanced way that believers approach the current volatility in which the Middle East, Russia-Ukraine, and the Koreas all appear as powder kegs waiting to explode.

“I think it is important for Christians not to live in fear or anxiety. That kind of living is the opposite of faith and trust,” he said. “God’s got this – ultimately. I am not setting dates and times, nor have I ever been an alarmist. I am simply examining distinct biblical prophecies and watching world events unfold at the same time. I have been watching, preaching, and teaching these things for 30 years. Both Billy and Franklin Graham have recently made similar statements as mine, regarding the prophetic times in which we find ourselves.

Gallups said he’s aware Christians have differing views about the order of end-time events, particularly about the trumpet prophecies and where they might fall in relation to the “rapture.”

“I deal with all of that in my book,” he said.

But regardless of his views on the trumpet prophecies, there are certain indisputable facts.

“We must admit Israel is back in the land, Islamic nations are aligning against her this very moment, anti-Semitism is on the rise around the world, Christians are being burned alive in cages and having their heads cut off, and tens of thousands of Christians have been uprooted and have fled to the desert and wilderness areas of the Middle East,” he said. “These things should give the church in America a very real reason to do some biblical housecleaning and stiffen its spine of boldness. If ever there were a time to ratchet up the proclaiming of salvation in Jesus Christ, it is now.”

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