‘Jesus Tomb’ headlines blasted as ‘sensationalistic’

By Around the Web

(Christian Post) A biblical archeology expert has said that the latest headlines of supposed new scientific evidence surrounding the Talpiot Tomb, a burial spot in East Jerusalem claimed by some to have once contained the remains of Jesus Christ and his family, are sensationalist and do not hold up to scrutiny.

“I have been to the Talpiot Tomb and interviewed one of the archaeologists who excavated it in 1980. There is no evidence that Jesus or his family members were buried there, certainly not his supposed wife and son. Those behind this latest announcement traffic in sensationalism, not archaeology,” Scott Stripling, the chair of the Humanities and Foreign Language Department at Wharton County Junior College, and adjunct professor at Belhaven University (biblical archaeology and English) and The Bible Seminary (church history), told The Christian Post in a statement on Wednesday.

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