I’ve been amazed at the way so-called “progressives” (an example of Orwellian Newspeak if ever there were one) have persuaded so many Americans that requiring proper identification at the voting booth is akin to a poll tax, an insidious and outrageous form of denying ordinary people, especially “minorities,” their right to vote.

They call this abomination “voting equality” and also cloak the plan as “universal voting.” It literally means anyone who shows up at the polls and wants to vote gets to vote. It means your vote as a U.S. citizen is cheapened to the point of meaninglessness. It means voter fraud is legalized. Worse than that, it means one party, the one pushing this totalitarian nightmare idea plans to monopolize this legalized form of voter fraud to institute, in effect, one-party rule.

I point out what should be obvious to all to provide you with a vivid, real-life example of how the same people promoting this disgusting idea do everything in their discourage votes that actually reflect the will of the people and, in many cases, overturn them after the fact.

I could give you many examples:

  • In California, a statewide ballot measure defining marriage as an institution between one man and one woman was approved by the majority of the state’s voters in a highly contested but popular vote. Later it was overturned by the stroke of a pen of one “progressive” federal judge who is homosexual but did not recuse himself from the case for obvious reasons.
  • In California, another statewide proposition was overwhelmingly approved by voters that would have denied taxpayer benefits to illegal aliens in the state. It was overturned with a stroke of the pen by another single “progressive” federal judge issued a permanent injunction against enactment.
  • Again in California, a state that has long permitted popular votes to be translated into law, another statewide proposition was approved overwhelmingly by voters that would have prohibited discrimination in hiring, college admissions and the awarding of contracts based on race, effectively ending what “progressives” euphemistically call “affirmative action.” Guess the results? One federal judge blocked enactment, and three federal judges overturned it.

Not every state or community permits up-and-down votes of the people on issues of controversy. But the city of Houston, Texas, has such a provision that allows voters to act when they aren’t satisfied with the work of their city council.

Such was the case recently when Mayor Annise Parker, a “progressive” lesbian activist, persuaded the city council to enact a law that extended the most vigorous civil rights protections to “transgendereds” as a protected class, including ensuring that they got to choose the public restrooms of their choice.

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Shortly afterward, pastors throughout Houston organized to undo the action with a city-wide vote. They gathered all the signatures that were needed, but they were disqualified by the city attorney, an apparatchik of the mayor. The Houston pastors appealed the decision to Judge Robert Schaffer last Friday. Once again, one “progressive” judge took the matter out of the hands of the people and placed it in the hands of the city’s ruling elite.

The coalition of pastors has promised an appeal. But you get the idea.

This is the way the scam works for the so-called “progressives,” who, at their core are all about empowering the state, the government, the ruling authorities at the expense of the will of the people and the law of the land.

Understand they will do so “by any means necessary.” They will do it by hook or by crook. They don’t believe in the words they proclaim – “justice,” “equality,” “fairness.” What they believe in is what Barack Obama told the country he believed in in 2008 – “the fundamental transformation of America.”

The bad news is, that’s exactly what we are witnessing – and it includes the end of our unique national commitment to the rule of law and the will of the people.

If you don’t believe me when I say “voter equality” and “universal voting” are liberty-killing slogans designed to disempower the people and undermine the rule of law, just look at who killed “voter rights” in Houston.

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