Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s pick for attorney general.

Senate leaders on Tuesday cleared the path for a full floor vote on Loretta Lynch for attorney general, but the trio of Republican senators seeking the presidency – Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio – all say they will not give her the nod.

“My vote on Loretta Lynch is going to be unambiguously no. Unequivocal,” said Cruz, explaining he was dissatisfied with her answering of questions at the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing, Breitbart reported.

Cruz also sent out an email opposing Lynch.

His statement: “Lynch does not respect the Constitution. If confirmed as America’s next attorney general, she will expand the power of the executive branch and give Obama even more authority.”

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He went on to denounce Lynch’s views of immigration and her belief that Obama’s executive orders on immigration were “reasonable,” as well as her push to ban “a laundry list of firearms and ammunition.” Cruz also said Lynch was a big supporter of civil asset forfeiture, a tool for government “to seize private property without due process … [from] individuals not charged with crimes.”

As WND reported in February, Lynch’s confirmation vote in the Senate initially was postponed after Sen. David Vitter, R-La., a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, opened an investigation of Lynch’s role in the decision not to criminally prosecute the international bank HSBC. Vitter launched the probe after his staff quizzed a former New York-based HSBC employee, John Cruz, whose trove of original evidence of money laundering was reported first by WND.

Read the backstory inside the HSBC scandal – how WND first exposed the massive money-laundering scheme and the fallout from the discovery.

Since then, Vitter’s office has continued pressing GOP senators quietly behind the scenes to vote against Lynch’s confirmation.

HSBC also has been accused of violating U.S. law by conducting financial transactions with Iran.

It’s not clear if Cruz has sifted through published information about the ties between Lynch and HSBC.

But he’s not the only senator set to oppose her nomination.

Paul said he was unhappy with her record of support for civil asset laws.

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“Civil forfeiture turns justice on its head,” he said in an interview with Fox News. “Instead of being innocent until proven guilty, you are guilty until proven innocent.”

Rubio, meanwhile, disagreed with Lynch on immigration.

“The president has taken a blatantly unconsitutional step by basically nullifying the immigration laws of this country and announcing he’s going to refuse to enforce them and you have the highest law enforcement officer in the country, or the nominee for the highest law enforcement officer in the country, with a straight face arguing that she believes it is constitutional to do what he’s just done,” he said, in a previous Fox News interview. “That alone should disqualify her from being the next attorney general.”

Regardless, the vote on Lynch is likely going forward.

The Wall Street Journal reported Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the full Senate is set to mull her nomination “hopefully in the next day or so.” He agreed to move her nomination forward after leaders reached agreement on a long-running dispute about abortion funding tucked inside a bill on human trafficking.

“I’m thrilled we were finally able to come together to break the impasse over this vital legislation,” said Majority Whip John Cornyn in the Wall Street Journal. “I look forward to swift passage in the Senate so we can ensure victims of human trafficking receive the resources they need to restore their lives.”

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