It is easier to believe a credible lie than an incredible truth.

And that is why it may be difficult for many people to believe that the plan to destroy our constitutional republic and replace it with a socialist state was launched by educator-philosopher John Dewey in 1898 in an article, “The Primary-Education Fetich.” It spelled out in detail what was needed for the plan to succeed. What was needed most was time and patience. He wrote: “Change must come gradually. To force it unduly would compromise its final success by favoring a violent reaction.”

What was even more remarkable is that Dewey was able to recruit the smartest men in American education to take part in the plan, each contributing his expertise to the needed changes. If you want to know how this plan was conceived and carried out, read the new book “Crimes of the Educators,” which gives a full account of this diabolical enterprise and how it is being carried out this very day by disciples of the original conspirators.

What Dewey advocated in his article was getting rid of the traditional primary school curriculum, which made Americans the most literate and best-educated nation on earth, and replacing it with a new “progressive” curriculum that deliberately dumbed-down American children. The principle means of doing this would be to change the way children were being taught to read. They would get rid of the alphabetic-phonics method, which produced high literacy, and replace it with a whole-word, sight method that would teach children to read English words as if they were Chinese characters, representing ideas instead of language sounds. Did they know that this method of teaching would create reading disability? Yes, because it had been used experimentally in the primary schools of Boston from 1837 to 1844 and produced a literacy disaster.

Indeed, the plotters saw this confirmed again in the 1920s when they opened the progressive Lincoln School in New York City. John D. Rockefeller Jr., an admirer of Dewey, donated over $3 million to the school in which he enrolled four of his sons. They all became dyslexic. Imagine, the four richest boys in America becoming lifelong reading cripples because of their education at an elite progressive school financed by their father. By the 1930s, the progressives were ready to inflict this educational poison on all of America’s public schools.

But it wasn’t until 1955 that American parents were informed of what was being done to their children in their schools. It was then that Rudolf Flesch wrote his famous book, “Why Johnny Can’t Read.” He wrote: “The teaching of reading – all over the United States, in all the schools, in all the textbooks – is totally wrong and flies in the face of all logic and common sense.”

As a result many parents began teaching their children to read at home with phonics. But the progressive educators were determined to continue advancing their plan to change America. They rallied their forces and created a new professional entity, The International Reading Association, which became the citadel of the progressive teaching methods.

Fast forward to the year 2015. Millions of American children are still being made into reading cripples by how they are being taught in their public schools. And Americans are as oblivious to the cause of this situation as ever. Indeed, the new federally financed Common Core Standards will guarantee continued educational malpractice in all the schools of America until there is sufficient resistance by parents to stop it.

We hope that every parent and teacher in America reads “Crimes of the Educators,” so that they can finally understand what has been perpetrated by these progressive criminals in the name of education. As we said, it is easier to believe a credible lie than an incredible truth. This country will only be saved when enough of its citizens know and accept the truth and begin to roll back the diabolical advances of the progressives and return to the traditional curriculum that produced the Greatest Generation.

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