Chinese_girlThe one-child policy mandated for almost 35 years by the Chinese Communist Party is the reason why an estimated 37 million Chinese men never will marry, trafficking in sexual slavery is surging in China and among neighboring nations and, ultimately, why the nation will implode economically, according to testimony an expert has prepared to present to Congress.

So why is an utterly failed policy maintained?

To terrorize, according to Reggie Littlejohn of Womens Rights Without Frontiers, whose group battles the policy on behalf of mothers, unborn children and fathers.

“Forced abortion continues in China, terrifying both women and men,” she said in remarks prepared for delivery to Congress Thursday. “Some of these forced abortions have been so violent that the women themselves sometimes die along with their full term babies.”

She said forced abortion is “so terrifying that victims at times succumb to mental illness and China has the highest female suicide rate in the world.”

“Men also are terrorized. Some have been killed or maimed for life. Others have lost control and murdered family planning officials. Some men have resorted to suicide in protest over the excessive fines imposed by the government. The spirit of the Cultural Revolution lives on in the family planning police, who have been able to steal, intimidate, torture and kill with relative impunity.”

The comments were prepared for the meeting of the Congressional Executive Commission on China. Commission members include Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., and Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

Littlejohn said the Chinese Communist Party is a “brutal, totalitarian regime.”

“It has many human rights abuses: the detention and torture of human rights lawyers, activists and journalists; religious persecution, the execution of prisoners to harvest their organs for transplant,” she said.

“However egregious, each of these abuses touches only a sliver of Chinese society. The one-child policy is unique in that it touches everyone,” she said.

“Now that keeping the policy makes no demographic sense, I believe that terror is the purpose of the policy,” she said.

Littlejohn also recently took her message to the United Nations.

As the U.N. recently observed the 20th anniversary of the World Conference on Women, Littlejohn said, “China is so powerful in the United Nations no one wants to offend them, so they are willing to turn a blind eye to the biggest women’s-rights issue in the world today – forced abortions in China.”

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There, the Family Research Council, Population Research Institute and the Catholic Family and Research Institute joined Littlejohn to draw attention to the widespread incidence of forced abortion, forced sterilization and outright murder of female infants in China and India.

A U.N. expert estimates up to 200 million women are missing in the world today due to “gendercide,” the selective abortion, abandonment or fatal neglect of baby girls.

“The words, ‘it’s a girl,’ are the deadliest words on Earth when said at the birth of a child” in China and India, Littlejohn said then.

The Chinese Communist Party boasts its policy has “prevented” 400 million lives – a number greater than the entire population of the United States and Canada. The party’s use of forced abortion is well documented and is compounded by the widespread use of sex-selective abortions by parents seeking to have a male child. When couples are restricted to one child, women are often pressured by husbands and in-laws to only give birth to a boy.

In the remarks to Congress, Littlejohn noted that the policy has collapsed the natural balance between men and women, leaving cities of men with no hope of every marrying.

Reggie Littlejohn

Reggie Littlejohn

“Even if China were to completely abandon the one-child policy and all population control now, demographers worry that it might be too little, too late to avert the demographic disaster it has caused,” she said.

Besides a lack of women, the numbers of young people, in jobs and generating an income, are not keeping up with society’s needs, she said.

She also said the policy is “enormously profitable” for the Communist Party, producing an estimated $314 billion in fines since 1980.

Further, the army of an estimated 1 million family planning officials “can be turned in any direction to crush dissent of any sort.”

And people cannot organize to resist, because sometimes entire groups of people are punished for one woman’s pregnancy, and neighbors routinely are encouraged to turn in their friends and family, instilling distrust throughout society.

“In my opinion,” she said in her remarks, “the Chinese Communist Party will not relinquish coercive population control because 1) it enables them to exert social control through terror; 2) it is a lucrative profit center; 3) it provides an infrastructure of coercion that can be used to crush dissent of any sort; and 4) it ruptures relationships of trust, so that people cannot organize for change.”

She recommends the U.S. should urge China to abolish the policy, offer “incentives” for couples who have girls, pensions for seniors who do not have a son, and assure all children of health care and education.

Littlejohn’s organization has started a “Save a Girl” campaign that already has saved more than 100 baby girls in China.

It includes sometimes a monthly stipend to mothers who are at risk of aborting their baby girls. The campaign also helps the mothers hide from the government to avoid forced abortions.

It also provides assistance when the government punishes dissidents by depriving their children of an education.

WND reported earlier on WRWF’s warning that no one should be fooled by China’s insistence that its one-child policy has been “eased,” as the government claimed in 2014, because the infamous forced abortions continue.

Littlejohn told WND at the time: “The government is still telling how many children people can have and is enforcing that limit with coerced abortions. And it’s not clear to me that there are fewer abortions. Women and babies still are dying.”

Littlejohn pointed out China still requires a birth permit for the first and second child.

“Without a permit, there still are forced abortions, unless you’re rich enough to buy your way out,” she said.

Her organization has created an Internet petition calling for an end to forced abortions.

She’s also prepared a video on the issue:

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