Reports from Israel reveal startling rerun of history

By WND Staff

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri claims to have met the Messiah in vision.
Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri claims to have met the Messiah in vision.

They call it the “Kaduri Revival,” and reports over recent months have confirmed the teachings of one of Israel’s most venerated rabbi are leading Jews time and again to accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

And face persecution.

Baptist preacher and radio host Carl Gallups says the threats facing Messianic Jews now in Israel is “reminiscent of what we read about in the New Testament – in the early days of the church.”

There, he said, Jews who followed Jesus Christ were persecuted.

And today, they “are facing the same hardships and persecution the early church faced,” he said.

“Gallups is the author of “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation,” which cracked the top 100 bestseller list on Amazon as a growing number of political leaders and media commentators are openly speaking about the end times.

But Gallups believes one of the least-reported aspects of the discussion is the rise of Messianic Judaism in Israel.

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One of the key figures in the movement is Messianic Jewish Rabbi Zev Porat of Messiah of Israel ministries. Porat won another convert over Passover when a Jew named Yechezke proclaimed his belief in “Yeshua,” or Jesus.

Yechezke stated: “This is my first real Passover. Now I know that Yeshua is the Passover Lamb.”

Porat explained, “Yechezke’s salvation on the Feast of Passover is yet another confirmation that we are closer than ever to the return of our Lord and Savior Yeshua the Messiah.”

The key resource Porat and other Messianic Jews are using in their evangelism is Gallups’ book “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah: The Story of Yitzhak Kaduri and His Prophecies of the Endtime.”

It’s about Israel’s most venerated spiritual leader, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, who died in 2006 at the age of 108, leaving behind a message for his followers that the name of the Messiah was Yehoshua – the formal name for Yeshua, or Jesus, in Greek.

Gallups says the shocking revelation was covered up by the media, and if he didn’t tell the story, no one else would.

“I wrote the book because I knew this story had to be told,” Gallups said. “It appeared that the mainstream media in the U.S., as well as in Israel, was not going to report upon the well-known fact that the most venerated rabbi in Israel’s modern history had left a note behind saying that Jesus was the real Messiah. Besides leaving the note, he had also left a double handful of his Yeshiva students who are now professing Jesus as Messiah and Lord and revealing that Kaduri showed them these things in his private teachings.”

He continued: “I suppose all of this was simply too much for the largely secular media to admit. I knew I would take a lot of flak for reporting the story and exposing what the naysayers had thought they had quashed. But, I felt powerful leading of the Lord that it had to be done – the Kaduri account had to be revealed to the world. Now, to see what is happening, particularly in Israel – it is absolutely overwhelming at times.”

Gallups also believes the increasing acceptance of Jesus Christ in Israel is part of the same end-times phenomenon he discusses in his blockbuster “Final Warning.”

“I talk to Zev Porat quite frequently,” Gallups said. “He assures me that he believes the ‘Kaduri revival,’ as he calls it, is not going to stop any time soon. Zev claims that as more Jews are saved and professing that Jesus is Messiah, they are also sharing their revelations and newfound faith with their family and friends.”

He continued: “But there are many people who continually attack Zev and his ministry – even threaten him. This is to be expected, I suppose. Satan’s time is short, and I believe the ‘Kaduri revival’ is a part of the unfolding of the final days nearing the Lord’s return.”

Porat himself claims, “The Kaduri revival is exploding like never before. We give all the glory to the Lion of tribe of Judah – Yeshua the Messiah.”

Porat has taken his message throughout Israel, even to Muslim communities that are hostile to outsiders. However, the bigger obstacle Porat and other Messianic Jews face is resistance from the faction whose members believe accepting Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah constitutes a betrayal of Jewish identity.

For that reason, Gallups says, the last teaching of Rabbi Kaduri is critical, because it shows that Jesus is not an enemy to Jewish tradition and identity but its fulfillment.

“The beauty of the Rabbi Kaduri story is that it opens the door for Jews to begin to carefully compare the Tanach with the New Testament documentation of the fulfillment of the Tanach’s messianic prophecies in Jesus – Yeshua,” Gallups explained. “Once they see with their own eyes that Kaduri named Yeshua as Messiah, they are much more likely to have a look at the New Testament documents.

“The note Kaduri left after his death only confirmed what several of Kaduri’s own students already knew and now openly attest – Kaduri knew and taught that Yeshua is the authentic and biblical Messiah.”

Gallups said the example of Yechezke is typical of how the Kaduri revival is taking place in Israel.

Yechezke was “full of questions” but “like so many other orthodox Jews, simply did not know the Old Testament in its context and particularly those passages that had specific connectivity to the prophecies and revelations of the coming Messiah.”

By approaching Scripture through a Jewish context, Gallups believes, many Jews can learn their Messiah has already arrived.

“Most Jews are absolutely astonished to find out that the New Testament was written entirely by Jewish writers and written specifically to the early church that was entirely Jewish in makeup for the first couple of decades,” Gallups said. “They are further surprised to learn Jewish Pharisees and priests of New Testament days also proclaimed Jesus as Messiah and followed Him as dedicated believers. When they finally have the opportunity, they had largely been denied their entire lives, to compare the clear messianic prophecies of the Tanach with the New Testament fulfilments in Jesus Christ – they are usually quite overwhelmed.”

And the discovery of the Messiah Yeshua by the Jewish people, Gallups believes, is yet another sign that believers should recognize the end is coming soon.

“These are prophetic times in which we are living,” he said. “This revival is a supernatural phenomenon.”

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Porat has used the book to deliver the salvation message to Muslims, to Orthodox Jews at the Western Wall, in the streets of Jerusalem, in Tel Aviv and other places. He has taken the gospel abroad and continually looks for opportunities to minister the gospel of Jesus the Messiah to Muslims.

The findings about Kaduri remain highly controversial in Israel, with Kaduri’s own family claiming the late rabbi’s note was a forgery and others in Jewish circles dismissing him entirely. Gallups establishes the case for Kaduri’s legitimacy and the identification of Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah in the book “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah” and the DVD of the same title.


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