(MAINENEWSONLINE) — A new study has claimed that sweating when happy can make others happy. Scientists reached at the conclusion after studying how women volunteers reacted to sweat samples from men. They found that chemical signals or chemosignals is sweat odor that can enliven others. The study was conducted by Utrecht University in Netherlands and the findings have been published in the journal Psychological Science.

Researchers had taken sweat samples from 12 men after instructing them to watch videos that altered mind states to fear or happiness. The reason behind choosing women as subjects was their ability to better detect smells and they are more sensitive to emotional signals.

The researchers noticed that different facial expressions were caused in women when exposed to sweat samples produced by men under different conditions of mind-altering experiences.

Smelling ‘fear sweat’ resulted in activating the women’s medial frontalis, which is associated with fear. In contrast, the facial muscles of women in the study worked to produce a Duchene smile, associated with positive emotions, when exposed to happy sweat.

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