Is it really news when a local ABC News affiliate in South Bend, Indiana, goes fishing for a Christian “restaurant” – any Christian restaurant – to say it won’t cater a same-sex wedding reception?

There wasn’t a chance in hell even clever homosexual activists would have thought of this trap. I mean, who in their right mind asks a pizzeria to cater a wedding reception? It was never going to happen. But it doesn’t matter – not the rest of the media establishment in America. Editors, reporters, producers and bloggers everywhere see this as prima facie proof that Christian businesses across America – wedding-cake makers, photographers, videographers, caterers, florists and other businesses that serve such events – are just salivating to tell LGBT couples to take a hike.

That’s not reality.

It’s not truth.

The truth is that real Christian business people – very small entrepreneurs – are being victimized, harassed, prosecuted, fined and even losing their livelihoods for following the dictates of their religious convictions by not participating in events they and their Bible consider sinful.

Let’s be honest. That is the reason states like Indiana are passing laws to protect the real victims of religious intolerance and bigotry – especially those specifically singled out and solicited to serve as contractors for same-sex weddings. They see what’s happening. It’s wrong. It’s immoral. The law was intended, whether state officials want to admit it now or not, to offer a shield of protection for victims of religious discrimination – conscientious objectors in the radical war to extend special group rights based on the sexual proclivities of non-heterosexuals.

Have you noticed we didn’t have any notable conflicts with non-discrimination laws until we decided to include among the protected groups one that is behavior-based?

Think about it.

There weren’t any significant problems when non-discrimination laws included protections only for race, color, religion and sex.

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But with the advent of laws and judicial rulings prohibiting discrimination against people based on lifestyle choices and behavior, things got, predictably, a little more complicated. Were those consequences unintended? I don’t think so. I actually believe, knowing the left-wing mindset inside-out as I do, that this was part of the strategy all along. I wouldn’t be surprised if someday we discover the playbook that laid the whole strategy out.

As a result, today we actually have states and other jurisdictions considering laws or rules requiring schools to make locker rooms and restrooms essentially co-ed based on “gender identification,” rather than the actual physical characteristics of students. The same logic, for instance, would prohibit businesses from firing employees who insist on cross-dressing at work – or from refusing to hire them in the first place. We went from “gays” closeting themselves to Christians closeting themselves.

Last week, just before the pizzeria scoop, two transsexuals or transvestites (it’s tough to tell the difference these days) stole an SUV and drove up to the National Security Agency and were shot point-blank – one killed the other wounded. They evidently made a wrong turn. Apparently, Barack Obama’s NSA hasn’t gotten the memo about not tolerating intolerance.

Yes, at least one of the two shot had a long criminal record and, in addition to stealing the car, had spent the night partying. But it’s important to note the overreaction of federal law enforcement – similar, but perhaps not nearly as egregious, as the shooting squad death that met Miriam Carey, a young black mother with an infant in tow who was killed in cold blood after a similar auto mishap near the White House.

What’s the relevance of these incidents to the non-discrimination frenzy?

Simple. These crimes against minorities were perpetrated by federal law enforcement. Yet, I haven’t heard a peep out of the LGBT crowd or the black civil rights establishment over these totally unnecessary deaths. Instead, America seems fixated on the idea that “gays” are being denied the right to go out to eat, hire photographers and buy wedding cakes.

It’s absurd.

Americans are not only being intellectually dumbed down and manipulated, they are being morally dumbed down and manipulated.

We are rapidly giving up our individual liberties in favor of collective coercion overseen by state power that is unaccountably lethal.

Other nations have gone down this road before us. Can we not see where we are headed?

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